How I, Born to Ruin, met Lomography


My introduction to lomography came in the form of my wonderful girlfriend!

Credits: born-to-ruin

My beautiful girlfriend had a quirky, dated looking camera in her room, sitting quietly on a shelf (not that it was unused or unloved it was simply relaxing) next to what seemed to be a homemade wooden picture frame in which was contained a square, oddly beautiful picture with sun rings and a funny focus! I saw it and loved the reality of it immediately! Im used to digital cameras and fairly proficient in getting my desired effect in photoshop (my day job) but had been trying, largely in vain to get nice, characteristic shots on a cheap 3 mega pixel camera for some time. So I quizzed her all about it and got the low down on lomography, she even mentioned the ten rules, but didnt go into too much detail, stating that ‘I should find out for myself, telling is nothing compared to doing… etc’. A few happy months of honeymoon love and new relationship bliss went by. Me happily working freelance on graphic design stuffs, her working on stage management projects, us going out, staying in, having great times.
Credits: born-to-ruin

Until… the calender was approaching december! Gift ideas came into both of our minds, but I have to hand it to my girlfriend she trumped all my gifts by far!! Yep… Christmas morning came and we opened our presents together, both ripping at the wrapping until I came across a large box with my name on it! I eagerly ripped at the shinny paper to reveal the gift of gifts… a Diana F+! My eyes instantly welled up, my heart jumped and my throat choked on a thousand words I wanted to say but couldnt get out. Breathing out, I sat back to take in the moment and to calm myself down, this was the perfect gift in my eyes and so naturally I was a little shook up! After the initial excitement and shock had passed I opened the box and held in my hands a funny little plastic box of inexplicable brilliance! That was it, I was hooked! I loaded a film, tentatively pointed and clicked! From that moment on my vision started to change, I started to see the world differently, I started to see a world of snapshots, still-frames, light, shape and wonder! My daily habits started to augment for the better. I started waking earlier to get the good light and taking long rides or drives to get those sweet bulb shots on awesome night shoots!
Credits: born-to-ruin

My way of life had been altered in a subtle but gorgeous way forever! I have to give thanks for this introduction to lomography to my girlfriend. Every time I load a film, each time I point and shoot, every afternoon I get that nervous excitement waiting for my negatives to be developed or when I just sit staring at the beauty of it all I stop and think of my first introduction and my gosh am I appreciative!

written by born-to-ruin on 2010-12-08


  1. nural
    nural ·

    this is soooo cute!!! I`ven been giving hints to everyone to get me something lomo for xmas, new years, bday, any occasion, I hope i`ll be as lucky as you!

  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Nice story! :) You could add some of your very first lomo-shots to illustrate the story :))

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Oh yes, the shots are really beautiful!! And I remember that I liked them immediately when I saw them! :)) Think was for the Newbie rumble... ;))

  4. antibiotyx
    antibiotyx ·

    very good story and shots. i could smell a new camera this christmas. lomo on!

  5. warning
    warning ·

    Love the story and the last photo.