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CD-R King Camera

This camera package is as cheap as it gets. For the price alone, it is a must have!

Ricoh 500GX: A Light Leaks Machine

This is the first in a series of articles on different analog cameras that I'm testing these days. It's not a exhaustive technical analysis, but rather a list of technical characteristics of each camera and my personal opinion after using it with only one film each. Hope this helps to know a little more these cameras.

Developing Black and White at Home

All you need it ONE chemical, just one, the rest are ingredients that you find in the home or in the supermarket. Its very easy, takes 40 minutes or so and you save lots of money!! It works every time on slow films. Not so good for fast films. I can do this in the smallest of places no darkroom required

Reeling Romantics: Engagements and Weddings in Lomographs!

"It’s totally ironic to see what used to be conventional film photography being today’s alternative. Digital is now conventional; film is the radical, funky, cool way of expressing your wedding."

Mansalay in Color Burst
Mansalay in Color Burst
Testing @halfawakehaiku's Horizon Kompakt
CD-R King 35mm Film Camera Test

My Crazy Experiment Rumble

Always wanted to have your very own photo-exhibition and a triple-A publication in one the world’s leading photography magazines? This is your chance! Join the My Crazy Experiment Rumble and win massive prizes! What are you waiting for? Read more below.

Focusing with String

When near perfect center focus is desired from your Holga or Diana +

Fresh Bait - Part Five

All aboard the ship of discovery because our new mystery product launches on Thursday! We couldn't hold back this little glimpse of it from you - So have a good look and then make a good ol' guess in the comments box below because we want to know what you think it is!

Sun-Soaked Sensia

Fuji Sensia 200 is an amazing film that gives you golden greens and bursting blues when cross processed which make it without a doubt the perfect film for any summer day. Throw it in a camera that loves the sun as much as the Lomography Supersampler, and you have a winning combination.

Facebook Xpro Competition

Facebook just launched a new feature – photo tagging for pages! So the folks here at LSI decided to have a Facebook Xpro Competition - Learn more after the break!

Ayala Triangle Gardens

The Ayala Triangle Gardens in the heart the Philippines' business district offers nature amidst the concrete jungle.

Want to learn about cross-processing? Read our guide!

New to Lomography and analogue photography? Check out our new webpage for a simple and fun guide to one of our favorite techniques, cross-processing!

Cannes Film Festival - Reach for the stars ?

Some of you have been asking for celebrities and stars shot with our lovely analogue cameras. We should be able to show you some pictures soon, but in the meantime, the only thing we can show you is the reason why we can't show these people to you easily...


Quickie Tipster : Silhouettes for your Double!

This tipster is simple and most probably written before but just want to share with some of you guys who left me a message about how i go about using the silhouettes for my double exposures.

Visit from Elsewhere: light flashes and color spots

Have you ever had a film already exposed, even before you have loaded it into your camera? If not, you absolutely have to try this once, the effects are unique and very unpredictable.