1/2: Friends


As i have said i have never stressed “FRIENDS” enough in my life, i dont know why, because maybe, when i was young i grew up kind of a loner and all (NOT LYING, NOT BEING DRAMATIC), i never needed friends when i was young, i was all alone at my house doing creepy stuffs, like drawing insects (yeah wierd), i go out every once in a while and join in thier little games, but i get either voted out or get tagged easily so i will end up inside my house again and draw, or write, or imagine that i am super hero that will rescue them when they are in danger and stuffs like that.

But, when i entered high school, ad especially college i realized that they too are important factors of our lives because:

1. They laugh with us
2. They stick with us even if the going gets tough
3. They would do whatever we want them to do for expample pose for an analog shot
4. We could hit them anywhere and they never get mad
5. We always have someone to talk to
6. We can find a home where to stay when we dont feel right in our own home
7. We have a “shoulder to cry on”
8. They make us happy
9. They eat with us

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on

And what fasccinates me the most is when i introduced them to my passion which is FILM PHOTOGRAPHY, they also got hooked, well, its not the type of response i am expecting from my friends since many people are using DSLRs, as cliche as it may sound, as corny as it may sound, but i think i have finally found my home, with my friends, i mean i finnaly have my own group with the same passion as i am, and i am the one who influenced them to go ANALOGORIFFIC in thier lives, to go LOMORIFFIC

And what amuses me is that they are the ones who are making me feel proud about myself, that they are the ones who are, you know, umm, hmmm, whats that word, yes! “keeping me strong” in this passion, they are the ones who make me feel stronger about this passion and go on with it, even though im not good at it yet because they are, what ive said WITH ME.

Now i have realized the importance of friends, TRUE FRIENDS I LOVE THEM

Here are some of the first photos that ME and my FRIENDS took :)

Credits: bluechipscheeseburger

See you next time :)

written by bluechipscheeseburger on 2011-01-31


  1. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    number 4 made me laugh!

  2. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    number 4 made me laugh!