Hey Guys :) can you help me? :)


Hi my name is Jolo Castro, im new to the lomography world and im also a frustrated writer, what im planning to do is that every month i will shoot one roll of film, either 120 or 35, and i will make a story out of it, much like a journal or something, the twist here is that you can also like, tag me to your photos and we can make a huge story out of it

What do you think guys?

Or is it just another one of my lame ideas

written by bluechipscheeseburger on 2011-01-29


  1. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    Seems like a cool idea :) where will you be sharing your "story"? :) And I'm cool with sharing my photos with you to add on to your story :)

  2. bluechipscheeseburger
    bluechipscheeseburger ·

    I think ill do it first here in lomography.com :) on the articles section :) then if God will permit that the analog magazine in the philippines gets released i will really try my best to have us an article there :)

  3. pulex
    pulex ·

    grear idea!

  4. bluechipscheeseburger
    bluechipscheeseburger ·

    Thanks man :) ill start first with my uploaded photos :) then ill let you check it up :)

  5. seethroughthisgirlsviewfinder
    seethroughthisgirlsviewfinder ·

    This sounds neat.