Lubitel 166+ Show-and-Tell Rumble: the slide

Credits: bloomchen

I tell you the long story of it.
I was on holidays with my GF and kids. We spend two weeks at the Baltic Sea. My older son is 4 1/2 years old and it was really really hot for two weeks but anyway he did not want to go into the water to play and get some refreshing “cold” water. He almost spend two weeks at the beach playing with with water and sand but not splashing.

The day I took this shot we made a picnic at the beach in the evening. Just a few meters away from the spot we sat was this pool with the slide. My son went there with a tennis ball and thought it´s fun to throw it inside. A few times I picked the ball and gave it back. But as you might know or imagine such games aren´t fun for longtime. So I told him that I won´t go inside to pick it another next time. He threw it inside anyway. So I told him he has to go inside to get it. We took off his clothes and he went there. So his grandma, great-grandmother and aunt were with us and suddenly everbody was telling him to go up the slide and we would make a video of him he could watch later on. After some discussions he went up there and slided into the water. He had fun but didn´t want to go up there for a second time. But he remained in the pool. A few minutes later he went up again and then again and again… It was already getting late and cold at the sea. But he wouldn´t want to stop. So we had to stop him because he already shivered and chattering his teeth. So I will always link this shot with him really having fun in a pool for the first time. We were already on the go when I noticed that the water is really flat and the slide is mirrored. So i quick took out my tripod and the cam. And as always grandma and my GF were cheesed off when I took the camera out just the moment we wanted to leave. So today I´m pretty happy I did this and the my GF likes the shot so it´s kind of a downer for next time when I want to take a shot at an unfitting moment.

written by bloomchen on 2013-08-29


  1. hollyelizabeth_
    hollyelizabeth_ ·

    Cracking story, thanks for sharing - it's so nice to hear what memories photos bring, more people should write in this way. Awesome!

  2. oleman
    oleman ·

    Nice story....and excellent capture!