What's Your Horizon Story? Posing at the Wannsee in Berlin

Krediler: bloomchen

Yes, the guy sitting on the bench is me. But you can´t really say because the shot was taken from too far away.
As nobody wanted me to take a pic of him/her on the island I jumped off the boat and swam to this little “island” so the sister of my girlfriend could take a pic of me sitting alone on the bench. Suddenly there was no wind anymore and the sailing boat from which the shot should be taken didn´t move anymore. And as the skipper had to take a turn around the island I had wait for them there. I was sitting there for about 15minutes because they didn´t want to start the engine of the boat. In the meantime some guys from a sailing school showed up because a boat was installed there and they kinda ruined the shot. When my friends with the sailing boat finally passed the island the one with the camera didn´t really manage to handle the cam and so I had to shout at her how to use it even though I gave instruction before I swam to the island. Result: she took this picture way too late so the boat was too far away for a better shot. When they turned the boat I asked for one more shot but they didn´t want to take another because it was hard to navigate with only so few wind. Which meant too that they did not want to take a real turn to pick me up. So I had to swim to the boat which in fact was hard because even few wind makes the boat move and I´m a pretty weak swimmer.

written by bloomchen on 2013-07-30