shooting 35mm with a lubitel 166+

Credits: jennson

as i currently ran out of 35mm cams which i can rely on i thought that maybe i should put the LC-A+ on top of the list instead of the 166+. but on the other hand i´m thinking about bringing both LC-A to some expert to get them maybe fixed. or at least one of them.

Credits: t0m7

but as i want to keep on shooting 35mm at the moment i wanted to know if you could recommend doing this with the lubitel. as there is a special offer at the moment for both and i have a coupon and a few piggies i could maybe order it in the next 3 days.

so please if you have any experience with the lubitel shooting 35mm share it here in a comment and let me know.

i´m a bit afraid that i will just end up shooting more 120 with it as i haven´t used my LC-A cameras too often lately. and then again i´m thinking about inversting the money in a more pro cam like a mamiya or a kiev. aaaargh

thanks in advance
à la… bloomchen

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written by bloomchen on 2012-11-30


  1. oliviermenard
    oliviermenard ·

    Looking for a 300,00 euros new 6 X 6 camera, you better should buy a real vintage camera Rolleiflex, Rolleicord V or Yashica Mat. Friendly

  2. oliviermenard
    oliviermenard ·

    Looking for a 300,00 euros new 6 X 6 camera, you better should buy a real vintage camera Rolleiflex, Rolleicord V or Yashica Mat. Friendly

  3. oliviermenard
    oliviermenard ·

    Looking for a 300,00 euros new 6 X 6 camera, you better should buy a real vintage camera Rolleiflex, Rolleicord V or Yashica Mat. Friendly

  4. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @oliviermenard so your point is to not get the 166+ in case i would decide to go for a 6x6. which one would you recommend?
    the problem is that the rollei cams are maybe a bit too expensive for my budget. as i´m not at all experienced with other TLR than my seagull 4A i can´t think of them being so much better - mainly because the seagull is considered to be a rolleiflex copy. so i would maybe go for a yashica.
    but on the other hand i like the 166+ features 35mm and rewind. the viewer is told to be outstanding and so on. and with the offer and piggies i would be surely under the price of a yashica i guess.

  5. srmarcus
    srmarcus ·

    Have you thinked in a Bronica? The Bronica SQ-A is a medium format camara, better than a kiev and you could get it for about 350€. The point is that you could change the 6x6 back and put it a 35mm one (I think that it isn't really cheap, but you have the chance).
    I've a Lubitel 166B and the next step will be the Bronica.

  6. frauspatzi
    frauspatzi ·

    Mamiya C220 oder C330!

  7. frauspatzi
    frauspatzi ·

    Mamiya C220 oder C330!

  8. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @frauspatzi hast du so eine grobe größenordnung wie die c220 so gehandelt wird? ich vermute du hast eine ;)

  9. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    My experience with the Lubitel 166+: the length of the lens increases when using 35mm so you will find your self standing farther away from your subject. than with 120. Also, I find that the exposure guide is more for 120, because my shots tended to be overexposed. You will also only get about 66% the number of exposures per roll because it is about 1,5 times the length. It is fun to convert, but as you mentioned. I tend to use it more for 120 work. The Lubitel is a fun camera. If I may also suggest, the LC-Wide is a nice camera with the options of half frame and square framing too. Hope I did not tell you too much you already knew. Tschüss

  10. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @srmarcus @neanderthalis thanks for your input. i heard about the bronica and saw results i really liked. i´m a bit undecided i think. as everyone is discussing about a medium cam i should probably just go for the LC-A+ and decide later on which 120 cam i will buy in the future. maybe this would be even better considering i just got a new medium cam with the belair.

  11. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Hard to go wrong with the LC-A+. Viel Glück!

  12. atria007
    atria007 ·

    ummm rolleiflex..mamiya..kiev 88...bronica...=)

  13. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Ich bin mit meinem Lubi 166+ sehr zufrieden... Selbst wenn ich viel öfters mit 120 schiesse, ist es trozdem interressant auch ab und zu einen 35er reinzulegen um mit der vertikalität zu spielen
    Hast wahrscheinlich schon meine Lubi 35mm Bilder gesehen...

  14. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @vicuna *argh*, ihr macht es mir aber schwer. ich weiß ja, dass ich mir die 166+ sowieso irgendwann kaufen werde. und nüchtern betrachtet ist das angebot + coupon + piggies auch für meinen geldbeutel ganz gut.
    frauspatzi hat mich so ein bisschen in richtung c220 oder c330 gelenkt. ich habe mir das mal so ein bisschen im netz angeschaut und das sieht alles ganz gut aus. das sind aber nicht unbedingt kameras, die ich mir schnell bei ebay schiessen würde. beim händler werden die allerdings um einiges höher gehandelt. mit ein bisschen garantie ist man da schnell bei 400€. die habe ich nicht zur verfügung.
    und die lubitel bilder sehen auch echt ziemlich gut aus.

  15. berndtotto
    berndtotto ·

    Ich waere da auch eher für ne "richtige TLR" ... und die muss nicht teuer sein ( muss auch keine Rolleiflex sein, finde ich ). Ich habe verschiedene alte japanische TLRs aus den 50ern ausprobiert ( Airesflex, Pigeonflex, Middlflex, Firstflex, etc. ) und die Ergebnisse sehr gut, finde ich ... und keine dieser Kameras hat mehr als 50 Euro gekostet.

  16. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    I bought a never used Lubitel 166B (1980) for 40 euros, it is a great machine, the internet is flooded with cheap vintage lubitels. I got a 1957 Yashicamat for 50 euros (which is cheap) and a rolleicord for 20. I got two Chines Pearl River TLS's (Paid 125 for the two) and they are great. So there are many decent 6X6 TLR's out there. For 150 euro you can easily buy three of them, one will certainly work. That's still half the price of LUbitel 166+ . Just watch out for cameras older than 50 years: My Rolleiflex and Rolleicord are both from 1938 and the shutterspeeds have become realy slow. On the newer TLR's the speeds are OK. Greetz Gauthier/Wouter

  17. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    Und, by the way, I love my Lc-a so much that everytime I see one priced for about 60 euros, I buy it. I have 4 of them, and recently one broke down, the newest (1995). I totally unscrewed the camera.

  18. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    Bloomchen, why would you want to buy a medium format camera just to shoot 35mm...? Isn't that a bit like buying a Porsche and only driving it at 35km/h...? Get one of the thousands of great (and cheap) SLRs out there for 35mm instead. By all means, buy a Lubi to go with your Belair if you've got the cash/Schweinies, but use it for 120 film...! Just my 5 Pfennigs ;-)

  19. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @gauthierdumonde obviously prices in belgium are lower than in germany. i´m constantly looking for 6x6 cams on ebay and in stores over here but the prices are a lot higher. well i got my seagull for less than 50€ on ebay but as i don´t have a big budget i´m not looking for a similar cam but rather look for a cam being the next level. for the moment the special offer, a few piggies and my budget made me buy the 166+. until today i only shot two rolls but i already like it a lot. and my next investment will be a LC-A as both of mine broke within 2 weeks. bad luck i´d say.

  20. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @buckshot no, you got me wrong. i was long thinking about buying the 166+ and thought it´s a nice feature to be able to shoot 35 as my LC-As broke and i was looking for a cam to replace them for a moment. but this is not the job for the lubi which i could have said before buying it. and if you look at my camera shelf you´ll see i have a few 35mm cams so i´m not looking for a SLR or so. and as i really love 120 i´m not really straight with the LC-A. but i guess the next investment will probably be a LC-A+.

  21. gauthierdumonde
    gauthierdumonde ·

    You've got no luck with the lc-a's, normally they are pretty reliable.

  22. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @gauthierdumonde hmmm, i wouldn´t say that. well, i bought "my" LC-A as a new cam in 1997 and it worked fantastic until a few weeks. well, to be honest it could have worked longer but i don´t give up hope. i guess i´ll bring it to some service here. the other one i bought around 1999 for my girlfriend 2nd hand on a flea merket. as she didn´t use it anymore i did and this one too worked well.