short story of missed opportunities

Credits: bloomchen

let´s start with my sadest story: it wasn´t even that i didn´t bring a camera with me. almost twenty years ago i was in at an exchange program and for a few weeks at a highschool in seattle. we made trips to vancouver, victoria, mount st. helens, the grand coulee dam, boeing, an indian reservation, the olympic national park and drove around the westcoast near the national parc. i took pictures and i had a really great time there. back in germany i was so angry about myself that i didn´t bring a single roll to a lab in the us because the camera got broken with the transport or whatever so today i don´t have any pictures of this great time i spent there because nothing was exposed. i was so sad when i got the message from the guy in the lab.

but in the beginning i was talking about missed opportunities. as you may have already read on my lomo-home i was into lomography already end of the 90s but then i lost interest with spending a lot of time with the best sport ever: ultimate frisbee. so i didn´t take pictures for years. during that time a lot of things happened in my life.
most annoying to me is that i didn´t take pictures during two trips to france in 2007 and 2009. one trip was to the cote d´azur and the mountains around there. the light is just perfect, nice for example is a colourful city and today i think i should soon visit the area again. but there is another area which to me is even better for taking incredible pictures and i´m honestly thinking about visiting some places again – but not only for the pics but because it´s such a great region: the normandie! the peninsula cotentin and the westcoast of it is such a great place. if you have the opportunity to go there: don´t hesitate to do it. i made these shots with my mobile phone:


besides that i went to finland once more and had a great sailing day which was in fact a bit dangerous because of too much wind for the old wooden sailing ship we were on. made a trip to the woods in eastern finland and stayed in a mökki at a river without electricity and water (we had to go and get water from a fountain).

well, and finally i missed all the opportunities when spending my week-ends in cities around germany and europe for playing ultimate frisbee. for example i played at the world team championships of ultimate frisbee two years ago but i didn´t take a single picture because i brought no camera with me. i could have taken many cool action-pics of layouts and “diving” players on the field. and some nice shots of prague even though i hardly had time to visit the city as i was busy with playing. i will definitely change my habit there: each time i play a tournament in a city i will take the hours off to go on a walk and take some pictures. promised!

it would be great if you could write in a comment which opportunity you missed and probably someone of this great community is around there someday soon and is inspired to visit the place.

thanks for reading,
à la… bloomchen

written by bloomchen on 2012-01-18


  1. volker-jp
    volker-jp ·

    ...never too late! still lots of opportunities from now on!

  2. rik041
    rik041 ·

    thsx for this good ideas...just in time by 2012