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Monday 12:00 CET to Tuesday 12:00 CET – Build 5 LomoWalls which represent your love for analogue – Reward: 5 Piggies

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Tuesday 12:00 CET to Wednesday 12:00 CET – Write a blog entry about why you love analogue photography – Reward: 5 Piggies

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Wednesday 12:00 CET to Thursday 12:00 CET – Upload 50 Photos - Reward: 5 Piggies

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Thursday 12:00 CET to Sunday 21:00 CET – Who do you think will win the huge climax to the football fiesta in Brazil? Take a lucky strike and make your guess in our magazine article - Reward: 10 Piggies

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Double Exposures for my Photo class

How to Make Your Own 127 Film

Here's a quick tipster on how you can make your own 127 film out of an old roll of 127 film and a normal 35mm film.

Analogue Spring Rumble

Spring is in the air! And it's time to get out of your analogue hibernation and start shooting! Join this season's photo rumble and you might just win something sweet! Read on...

Easy Steps for Taking Beautiful Backlight Photos

In this tipster, I want to give lomographers a tip for shooting beautiful and lovely backlight photos. Isn't it great to have nice blue colour on the sky and those high contrasting colours of the subject you are shooting? I personally love it. There is a simple way to get these kinds of lovely shots which I found out around two years back.

London in one sight

Bare: My Beloved Fed 2

All fans of russian rangefinder cameras known the legendary Fed 2, but this one has something special! Why? Read this article!

Split Photography with Your Diana F+

In this tipster, I'll show you how to (temporary) modify your Diana F+ in order to take some beautiful split photos. A split photo is composed of 2 different photos merged together. The split wil be made by 4 vertical interleaved bars.

Square Format Tips: Diana Parallax or 'Off With His Head'!

The Queen of Hearts isn't the only one capable of beheading! Diana is another lady adept at it. Here are a couple of simple tips to help avoid the problem of chopping people's heads off.

Santa Anita Racetrack

Camera Review of the Week

After what seemed like too long ago, we're bringing back the Camera Review of the Week to acknowledge the insights and first impressions of our community members on various analogue cameras out there. Let's get started with a review on a classic Olympus shooter!

Filming with the LomoKino: A Complete Tutorial on How to Tell a Story with Images

If you want to make a LomoKino movie and tell a story with it, there is a procedure that has helped generations of filmmakers to get the best out of their projects, here you will a find a step by step guide to acheive your LomoKino goals.

How to Shoot Long Exposure LomoKino Movies

Ever wondered if you can shoot long exposure movies with the LomoKino? Well, you can, and with this modification from Mandi at Lomography HQ, you can find out how!

What It Takes: Universal Mercury II

In the first installment of my regular series What it Takes, I transform a dirty but unusual old half-frame camera from a grimy mess into a fantastic photographic workhorse using nothing but some elbow grease and a spot of glue. Read about the transformation after the jump.

ActionSampler - Blitz Liebe

Hier ist eine Review über den Actionsampler Flash mit Aufnahmen von Weihnachten. Lies von meinen Erfahrungen mit dieser Kamera!

Diana Meets Agra

Nikon F80: An Awesome Camera with Unlimited Possibilities

There are many wonderful cameras out there and some can do amazing stuff, but usually they can do only this or that. With the Nikon F80 you can do everything you can imagine, have fun and work like a pro! All in the same camera!

Home turf

LC-A Night Rumble

In observance of our LC-A Day and Night campaign, here's the second of our two rumbles dedicated to our biggest Lomography star: The LC-A+. Find out more on how to join after the jump.

How To Shoot Fisheye Movies With Your LomoKino

This great modification turns your LomoKino into a fisheye snapper! Read on to find out how to do it in just two simple steps...

Empire Junior Model no. 981

The Empire Junior model no. 981 is a mystique! I saw her (although it is more a he...) so I saw him in a second hand shop in Utrecht in the original box including the nice instructions what you should do or better not do. I hesitated a bit as I really have enough cameras!

Cleaning the Internal Glass of an Epson Scanner

The glass on flatbed scanners should be as clean as you can get it if you want crisp sharp scans of your film or prints, but sometimes dust or haze can get on the internal surface of the scanner glass. For my Epson V500, cleaning it was really easy and well worth doing.

LomoKino Fisheye Modification

A quick and easy modification to make your LomoKino see through fishy eyes!