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Salt Printing: How to do One of the Earliest Photographic Processes in History at Home!

Print images onto ordinary paper turned light-sensitive by some almost magical alchemy from the earliest days of photographic history. Salt your paper with ordinary table-salt and sensitize it with silver-nitrate. Contact print large negatives in the sunlight and see the images appear right before your eyes. No darkroom needed.

Camera Modification Tips - Actionsampler

I have always hated the borders between four pictures in the Actionsampler frame. I decided to get rid of those and here’s how i did it.

Do the Walking Double!

Do you love film swaps? Do you love walking with your friends to take lots of pictures? Read on if your answer is "YES!"

"Please don't wake me now, don't shake me, leave me...

My Childhood Memories in Tokyo

I rarely share my childhood memories with others especially online, but this is a special case because I am addicted to Lomography and I thought it would be fun to share some of old photos of me being child. I was photographed by my family so often, and my grandpa left some treasures for me.

Primitive Air Conditioning

Kickin' It! A Shorty's Guide to Finding Focus

I always thought being vertically challenged was a disadvantage in life, until I learned to put my short limbs to good use while learning to focus my LC-A!

Nau Ivanow
Nau Ivanow

Pentax MX and Earl Grey: an Explosive Couple!

Pentax MX is a great camera, an old splendor that does not want to be forgotten. Matched with a Lomo Earl Grey 100 ISO film and with a good old 50mm lens the result will be really impeccable!

doubles with myself
doubles with myself
doubles with myself

Hands Away!

When the number of pictures with tags like #legs, feet, foot, and toes slowly reaches eternity, we'll talk about taking photos of some other parts of your body. Right now, we'll see how cool it might be to shoot both of your own hands by yourself!

...und lass Deinen Drachen steigen

Underwater Photos with Diana F+

A quick and easy way to take pictures underwater with your Diana F+, with just a plastic bag, some rubber-bands, and maybe some duct tape.

The Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608: Two Cameras in One Tiny Package!

This Tiny 1970's 110 camera packs quite a punch! Read on to learn more about the Kodak Tele-Instamatic 608 and see some of the shots I took with this camera!

Everything is Perfect with Horizon Perfekt

Last year - 2007 - I don't have any lomo camera with me. Suddenly my friend invited me to his house. We started to browsing and he showed me the result me the microsite of Horizon in www.lomography.com. I just remember we are starring and drooling seeing the gallery of kozyndan in the broaden your horizon gallery in the microsite. I tell myself " I have to own this dream panorama machine"

Playing With Colours: The Colours of X-pro!

Long ago, when photography had just started, people living back then only get to shoot black and white photography. People at that time might be thinking how nice would it be if they could shoot color photography. Now, most of us are already familiar with color photography. Especially in the Lomography world, colors are what lomographers are looking for. Not trying to post the same tipster article from recent posts of others, but I just feel like showing some other slide films which haven't been shown yet.

double with marina_sic
double with marina_sic
Doubles with My Friend @adi_totp

A Great Tool For Cropping Your LomoKino Scans – kinocut by pink-fu

Soon after the LomoKino was released, we published a Tipster on how to turn your LomoKino scans into a movie the Lomography way. We also published an article asking people in the community to help develop and improve upon this software. Pink-fu rose to the challenge and produced kinocut; it’s a really easy and user-friendly way to turn your scans into movies – Read on for a blog entry pink-fu has written on his creation!

Velvia 50 RVP: Wow! The Colors Are So Vivid!

I found a five-pack of Velvia 50 RVP online for a reduced price and thought I would give it a go. I was a bit worried about the speed of the film. Then I saw the results...