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Step-By-Step Guide to Developing Black and White T-MAX Film

This tutorial will explain the process of developing T-MAX film as a simple step-by-step walkthrough. It’s a great introduction to understanding how film development works, and how you can improve your photography by giving the process a try!

Create a Stylish Bookmark with 35mm Film

If you have some 35 mm snippets left which you doesnt need any more, dont throw it away. I will show an easy and fast way to create a bookmark

Shooting with Expired Film

Shooting with expired film is always a gamble. If you remember to expect the unexpected you'll always be pleased. In the end, isn't that what it's all about?

A Tutorial on Frugal Photography

In which our hero considers the economic state of things and realizes there must be a more cost effective way to feed his addiction. Or, frugal photography: more shots for your buck.

Get on Your Coat and Go to Ancoats!

Ancoats is undergoing rapid changes at the moment. Nevertheless, it is still the best place to see the industrial heritage of the world's fist industrialised city.

New York on Film

In 2010, I eventually got to go to a place I’d always wanted to go...New York City! The place where my true love affair with my LC-A+ began.

Furnas Lagoon (S. Miguel, Açores, Portugal)

In the beautiful S.Miguel island of the Azores you will find a wonderful lagoon located in a beautiful surrounding with hot streams from the earth core that have been used for generations by families to cook delicious stews.

Evening Walk at Samcheongdong Street

Samcheongdong is located at the Jongno-gu area nearby the Gyeongbokgung Palace, this street has become unique with modern, traditional architecture and Hanok (Traditional Korean House). If you want to have a short escape from the bustling city, I think you should come here to have a leisurely walk.

Seattle Underground

Where the Lomo LC-A Was Born

St Petersburg was not on my "Top Vacation Destinations" list even 6 months ago, but meeting a few Lomographers from Russia changed all that!

Secondhand Love Affair: Zenit EM Moskva '80

A love story between a Malaysian student and a lovely Russian. I know you're curious, so why don't you go ahead and read about it after the jump!

LC-A Russia Day: The Sexy Lomo With The Funny Logo

The Lomo LC-A+ Russia Day Edition is an iconic camera with a sexy, red leather dress. Read what I think about this Lomographer's erotic dream after the jump!

Lana Del Rey and Her Analogue Love

Lana Del Rey, born in 1986 in New York City, is one of the most inspiring artists in the baroque pop scene. Del Rey released her first album entitled “Kill Kill” in 2010, and soon she will released her second album called “Born to Die.” Lana is a real analogue lover, as you can see in her music videos.

Behind the Lens: Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall was able to capture some of rock 'n roll's finest moments through his camera. Take a look at some of his photos and learn more about him in this second installment of Behind the Lens.

Photographer to Photographer: Gigi Stoll and Flo Fox

My name is Gigi Stoll and I am a photographer based in NYC. Lomography recently sent me two rolls of color 35mm film and this is the first time I’ve shot film in 4 years. They suggested I choose a subject and write a story. When I mentioned this to my friend Flo, she immediately suggested that I should do the story on her and how could I refuse? I used the LC-A+ camera & Fritz the Blitz flash and the film was shot on two separate afternoons.

Paintings by Trees

"Conversation with Trees" is the title of the collaboration between Singaporean artist Yeo Shih Yun and Singapore's trees. That's right, Shih Yun has single-handedly awoken and empowered the sleeping artist that lies within each and every tree that has previously, only been the subjects of poems.

Most Popular Photos of Malaysia – Best of February 2012

There are tons of beautiful pictures uploaded by Malaysian users each month and here you go, we present you our 10 Most Popular Photos of Malaysia for February 2012!

Gifts of Freedom Crafted from Landmine Scraps

Saught, a social business out of Signapore, creates products from the scrap metal of war remnants to support sustainable development in post-conflict countries. Early last year their innovations were recognized by NGOs including the Goldenwest Humanitarian Foundation and they've since achieved more partnerships in working towards their vision of implementing peace building efforts across the globe.

Love at First Lomo: Cameras Can Work Without Batteries?!

I never knew cameras can work without batteries! I have always thought that cameras are among the most complicated machines in the world. I always saw cameras as 'portable eyes' that records images in a veeery complicated manner. Let me tell you a Love at First Lomo story on how I left my love and came back.

Turn of the Century Music Box Transformed

How does an antique music box speak to and inspire someone when it's music has been rendered barely audible over decades of negligence? Ask Martin Bircher who finds the "rattling mechanical workings" and "clanking sounds" charming - so much so that the media artist is addicted to modifying these boxes to crank up the current sounds of silence!

My first roll of tungsten! :)
My first roll of tungsten! :)