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Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" was remarkable for its film clip, which was one of the first music clips ever. This film clip became one of the forerunners of the music clips which belong to every single nowadays.

Holga 2.0

What to do with your old cameras when you have no warranty and they are are completely broken? A mix!

Fred Herzog’s Urban Street Photographs in Color

German photographer Fred Herzog is one of the pioneers in color photography but his photographs weren’t seen in exhibitions since black and white was the chosen medium for most photographers at that time. See more of his photographs and learn more about him after the break.

Using Redscale Films: Experiment with the ISO

If you are new to redscale film or not really experimented with it, this is a great tipster, experiment with the ISO of the Redscale XR, to see which colours you like best, unless like me you can't decide!

How to Use Expired Film

Why does a film expire? What's the difference between expired film and fresh film? You'll find the answers to these questions and more in this Tipster!

Storing Expired Film

A lot of photographers are using expired film, just because is fun and results are unpredictable. Here are a couple of toughts about storing expired film and letting it expire as it should be.

Tips on Expired Film

When shooting with expired film, you never know what you’re going to get. You may even find your own unique style in photography. If you’re new to shooting expired film, here are some tips that could help you ease your way into it!

Super Square Format Tips

Square Format = Diana F+ = 120 ? YES! Absolutely yes! How about Diana Mini? Yes! I think everybody enjoys the square format. Here are some tips that you could use!

Noir Photography with Ilford Delta Professional

Looking for a film you can use in low-light conditions? Let me show you how to shoot and hunt into the night with a camera loaded with Ilford Delta 3200 film.

Brother and Bones

30 Ways to Hack Your Next Roll of Film

One of the things that we look forward to when shooting with film is the result. Seeing the photos is always a surprise as we never know what exactly we're going to get. Here are some tips that you could use to hack your next roll of film.

The Day the Factory Died

Acclaimed photographer Christophe Von Hohenberg’s photos of Andy Warhol’s memorial service will be featured in an exhibit. Learn more about this event after the break.

X-Ray Photos of Technology

Photographer Max de Esteban has received numerous international awards for several of his works. His projects are divided in two categories – Propositions and Elegies of Manumission. Let’s take a look at one of his projects after the break.

Joni Sternbach: SurfLand

Brooklyn-based photographer Joni Sternbach has captured the culture in different surf spots across the United States. She does this with the use of a large format camera and the collodion process. Learn more about her project after the jump.

Exemplar: Joy Division

British photographer Kevin Cummins has photographed numerous musicians throughout his career. His ongoing exhibition showcases his photographs of the English rock band, Joy Division. Learn more after the break.

5 вопросов о плёночной фотографии с NEJA

В серии "5 вопросов о плёночной фотографии с ..", я задаю фотографам блиц из 5 простых вопросов. Сегодня в праздник 8 марта на вопросы отвечает одна из самых известных российских ломодевушек Юлия Светлова, автор книги о Хольге, отважная путешественница и профессиональный фотограф.

Kylie' Shoes Nellie's Face
Paula Riot Gypsy
Paula Riot Gypsy
Paula Riot Gypsy
Testing my new-old  father's Pentax K1000.