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Black and White with Bite

Want a black and white film with good colouring and contrast that has C-41 develop? Ilford FP4+ could be your solution!

French Hotel Takes Designer Rooms Up a Notch with Graffiti

A Marseille hotel has turned to the unconventional graffiti art to spice up one of its designer rooms. Read on to find out if the vibrant and shocking hotel room is to your liking after the jump!

SXSW Film: $10 Camera Workshop, LomoKino Movie Making

Show the world that you're a star! Learn to create your very own films during SXSW with the Lomokino!

Liverpool By Daylight

A day and a roll of black and white film. A short train ride to the buzzing metropolis of Liverpool to find what lomographical secrets it will yield. Ah a free day. How it reminds me of my younger days when every Saturday was mine to do with what I desired.

Frida Kahlo's Personal Photos on Exhibit at Artisphere

If you're a lover of Frida Kahlo's art, you may want to check out an exhibit featuring some of the rare photos and keepsakes that detail the celebrated Mexican artist's life. See the details after the jump.

My Heart Dreams in Squares

Looking back its hard to say where it all began...

Film Review of the Week

For the next Review of the Week feature, the spotlight is on a Lady Grey 400 review, which our featured lomographer dubbed as Miss Diana's new best friend. Well, why don't we take a look if the two really get along well?

UK CitySlicker Dave: Preston, England's Newest City

Hi, I'm wilfbiffherb aka Dave! I'm 27 and I take photos, compose and produce music, work for a fashion label and live in the city of Preston. Where is it i hear you ask? Read on to discover through my Lomographic photos.

Lessons from Photography Masters: Julia Margaret Cameron

It's time once again for us to learn something from the photography masters of years past, this time from British portraitist Julia Margaret Cameron. Although her career as a photographer was relatively short-lived, she left us with some of the most notable photographs of her time.

Today in History: Origami Master Akira Yoshizawa is Born

On this day, 101 years ago, a master of the Japanese art of paper folding was born. Let us take time to learn about the artist who pioneered countless origami techniques for this installment of Today in History.

Lomography USA is looking for CItySlickers to write for us!

We are looking for dedicated American Lomographers who want to get more involved in the international Lomography Community. You will become a representative of Lomography in your city, as well as a well known regular contributor to the Lomography International Magazine, and get freebies, opportunities and LomoLove from us! Sound awesome? Know the details after the break.

A Most Victorian Cemetery

To say Brompton Cemetery is quite grand is an understatement. Some of the deceased here have bigger resting places than my house! Scene of many a movie, Brompton Cemetery is a wonderful part of London's history.

Looking for a Poem: The Disappearing Act

Coming from a non-art background can be tough on a amateur photographer, trying to break into the photography scene. So, I thought I should prepare a portfolio to show what I have in mind, not only to show clients but also to see for myself where I'm headed towards. With some inspiration, I started work on my first series.

Photos on Pages Volume 4: Lewis Carroll Photobook

Did you know that aside from being a mathematician, teacher, and English author, Lewis Carroll was also one of the greatest portrait photographers of Victorian England? I know you're curious, so let me share with you some of his interesting portraits from a Lewis Carroll photobook.

Anatomical Cross Sections in Paper by Lisa Nilsson

A Massachusetts-based artist has created some interesting masterpieces featuring human anatomy diagrams using rolled pieces of paper. Take a look at some of her work and be amazed after the jump!

Photographers Take the Music World by Storm

Just as New Yorker's Jessie Wender was inspired by the music video "I Fink U Freeky," so too was I inspired by the awesome music video done by a, first and foremost, photographer, to create this article! So, what are you waiting for...10 great music videos done and directed by 10 prolific photographers await you after the jump!

Fuji Pro 400H: My Go-To Colour Film

For my medium format photography, I look no further than Fuji Pro 400H. Reasonably priced and great quality.

Portraits of Strangers: To Ask Or Not To Ask, That Is The Question

It's not always easy to take a photo of a stranger. It needs courage and politeness. Or sometimes it just needs pure cheek. This is how I got the shots and why I took them in the first place. Six strangers and a few dogs, here are a few of my favourite stranger portraits, taken on a variety of film cameras.

Florian Imgrund's Double Exposures in Monochrome

A German photographer got his first film camera two summers ago, and has been taking amazing photos ever since. Among them are some beautiful, nicely done double exposures. Take a look at some of his work after the jump!

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Smokin’ Hot with a LomoWall

With the new timeline format being rolled out all over facebook there are lots of grumbles and groans as people get used to the changes. Leap ahead of the crowd and use your cover photo to show off your very best LomoWalls in three easy steps, then sit back and enjoy the compliments from your 10,000 friends!

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Tungsten X-64 at the Ranch
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Thai Elephant and Flower
On the ferry to Kirribilli
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Beloved Méditerranée