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    Expose lower half first, and set a tripod upside down and expose upper half in the same way as 1st shot. To turn tripod 180 degrees, I used two panheads. About 10 seconds each. Using a cable release and black adhesive tape (to mask the light sensor of LC-A+). Vivid blue or purple colours are by trucks decorated with light bulbs. Needed patience and concentration...

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    Yoscolmi and I got the perfekt around the same time, and we have decided to do a 1st roll perfekt shoot off! The concept is, we both shoot the first roll, and unlock the album at the same time. The person who get the most liked picture after a week is the winner! and the loser has to buy the winner a lunch when we meet someday in the future!!! So com'on, people! Let's see who the winner is! Check our yoscolmi's 1st perfekt album in his home, too! (Just to be fair:p)

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