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Let's Go Biking Rumble Winners Announcement

Our weeklong bicycle tour around bustling cities and pristine countrysides is officially over!



Spinner 360 Race 4: Spin Like A Rollercoaster Winners Announcement

If life is a rollercoaster then we should ride it with the spinning camera we all adore, the Spinner 360!

Spinner 360 Race 3: Spin and the City Winners Announcement

We asked you to show your hometown through the spinning awesomeness of the Spinner 360! And my, what amazing submissions did we receive!



Spinner 360° Race 1: Spin It With Friends Winners Announcement

Lomography is definitely more fun when you got your friends to capture all the exciting and insane memories!

Spinner 360 Race 2: Spin A Backflip Winners Announcement

The possibilities are endless when you've got a spinning camera! Be crazy and capture everything (and everyone) with your sweet analogue toy!

Lomography and Alanis Morissette Presents the 'havoc and bright lights' Competition - Winners Announcement

Lomography and Alanis Morissette called for photos of crazy lights! We received an overwhelming amount of submissions and after weeks of deliberation, we have the winners of the competition! Check them out!

Spin Around the World Rumble Winners Announcement

We know it has been a while but for a rumble like this, we sure had to spin our minds to your awesome Spinner 360 photos!


Shoot that Scene with the LC-Wide

It is undeniable that a compact analogue camera is the best companion when you're out on the road or on a trip. It's easy to use and definitely easy to carry!

來場優雅的開場白吧 - 新手老手自我介紹!

也許你是剛加入 Lomography 家族的新手成員,想和大夥兒打成一片卻又不知道從何下手?或者是一位潛水許久的老手,但卻有那麼一點害羞?無論你是哪一種,現在是你浮上水面的好時機!我們將為你打上幾盞 Spot Light,讓你成為 Lomography 大家庭中最受矚目的主角!


Lomography & Stars Present The 'Theory of Relativity' Competition!

We're pretty huge fans of the Canadian band Stars and we got lucky enough to team up for a pretty great competition! Submit your shots to win!

Share and Share Alike for a Chance to Win Big!

Want to win more than 500 Euro worth of Lomography products? Share this competition and you might just be the lucky one! So here's the deal, we want to make a competition, but we want at least 3000 people to know about it. Come on, Lomography has 441,278 likes and 33,427 are talking about us on Facebook. We can reach 3000 shares in no time!

Analogue Cathedral Rumble

To celebrate Cologne, the host city of photokina, here's a rumble inspired by the city's most famous landmark: its cathedral. Find out which kind of analogue photos we're looking for after the jump.

Dreaming Through a Matchbox Pinhole Camera

Reality. How do you tell what's real and what's not when you're dreaming? I try and capture the essence of a dream with my home made pinhole camera, which was my first run in with Lomography.

Kanoa Zimmerman 的潛水照

大家的夏天過得如何?是否玩得開心並拍了很多渡假照?我們找到 Kanoa Zimmerman 拍攝的壯麗黑白自由潛水照,和你進入這陽光普照的初夏…

Eiffel Tower in Paris

If you want to ask what is the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower might be a perfect answer!

Musée du Louvre, Paris

If you love museums, you shouldn't miss out on the Louvre in Paris.

To LC-Wide:年年有今日 歲歲有今朝


有 LC-Wide 的時光

2011 年的 5 月 19 日,一台再創傳奇的相機 LC-Wide 誕生了。它貌似 LC-A+,也保留了許多 LC-A+ 的特質,但卻加入了許多令人讚嘆的功能。

To LC-Wide:年年有今日 歲歲有今朝


10 件你或者不知道黑白攝影