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On Celluloid Film: Martin Scorsese

Celebrated film director, Martin Scorsese, has won numerous awards for his achievements in the film industry. Let’s see what he has to say about celluloid film.

Lubitel shots for Singapore Arts Musuem!

Midweek Movies: Big Boy

Shout-out to Lomographers in the Philippines - if you're not doing anything this weekend, drop by Shang Cineplex Premiere Theater and check out BIG BOY - a coming-of-age film shot on Super 8.

Today in History: Gunpowder Plot Foiled (1605)

On this day four centuries ago, a man was seen with several barrels of gunpowder in the cellar of the Parliament, underneath the House of Lords. Let us go back to 1605, to the day the plan to blow up the English Parliament and assassinate the King was foiled.

15 Ottobre 2011

LomoKino Director Interview: Satomi

We were amazed when we saw the first LomoKino movies from Satomi - Her films have real energy and emotion - Read on to see her great works so far and an interview with one talented LomoKino Director!

Three of the Best: Black and White LomoKino Movies

Even before we began handing out the LomoKino to testers, we knew we were going to get some stunning black and white movies – The classic and sometimes grainy look of them totally captures the analogue spirit – Check out three of our favorites so far here!

Stop-Motion Animation: Mary and Max

Stop-motion animation is a technique used in order to make characters appear to move on their own. The characters are moved in very small increments and are photographed. Each frame is then put together to create a moving picture. Let's take a look at Mary and Max, a stop-motion animation film that was screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009.

Now, This Is Gothic

A stunning collection of photographs that records the intricacies of 1980s goth and post punk culture. Let's go back in time, once again, through the lens.

Coming Soon! One Last Clue

The new Lomography product launch is just a day away and we’ve got one final mystery teaser for you! Watch our video and tell us what you think in the comments…All will be revealed tomorrow (3rd November)

LomoGuru of the Week: mikahsupageek

You might have already stumbled upon his Home and even liked some of his shots or two – which is in fact all over the Lomography website. If his name doesn’t ring a bell to you still, then you should really stop what you’re doing and take some time to read our interview now!

Coming Soon! Part 3

Today we're giving you a third teaser about our upcoming new product – Read on for our clearest clue yet!

Steve Jobs Sitting in an Almost Unfurnished Room Only Lit by a Tiffany Lamp Having a Cup of Tea

To quote Steve Jobs: "This was a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know, and that’s what I had." – this photo was taken in 1982. RIP Steve Jobs, 1955–2011.

Something Very Fishy Rumble Winners Announcement

Oh! Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? In all probability, it's not a sponge creature but rather, fun-filled fishies just like the winners of the Something Very Fishy Rumble!

Creepiest Ghost Photos Ever: Tulip Staircase Ghost

Moving onto the next creepy snapshot for this Halloween series, let us take a look at a gritty black and white photo showing a phantom figure clutching the staircase railing. Prepare to be spooked by the Tulip Staircase Ghost!

Stanley Kubrick Taking a Photo of Himself, His Daughter (both in Focus) and Jack Nicholson (out of Focus)

This shot was taken on the set of The Shining, easily one of the most frightening movies I've ever seen. Next to Stanley Kubrick is his daughter Vivian and the guy out of focus is of course Jack Nicholson.

Mongolia in Instant Film

A traveler duo went on a trip to Mongolia and brought film cameras and photographed people in the countryside. Read more after the jump...

Marilyn Monroe Combines Lifting Weights, Wearing Jeans and Still Looking Classy

This awesome photo of Marilyn Monroe was taken by famous photographer Philippe Halsman.

The Adventures of the Polaroid Kidd

Armed with a Polaroid SX-70, Mike Brodie otherwise known as the ‘Polaroid Kidd’, travelled for 3 years to capture the lives of vagabonds, hobos and squatters. See his raw images after the jump.

I Am My Own Monster
I Am My Own Monster
I Am My Own Monster
I Am My Own Monster
I Am My Own Monster

Shoot All Skaters

Shoot All Skaters is a segment on skateboarding website, The Berrics. It features the work and stories of filmers and photographers behind skateboarding.

E6 Fisheye

Imitez l'art classique dans vos photos de mode !

La mode est un art dans lequel les possibilités sont illimitées. Il n'y a pas vraiment de règles lorsqu'il s'agit de prendre des photos, mais voici quelques conseils qui pourront vous être utiles si vous avez envie d'imiter l'art classique dans vos photos de mode. Lisez la suite pour découvrir tous ces conseils.

Unpublished 9/11 Film Photographs by James Nachtwey

Remembering the Septermber 11 terrorist attacks, photographer James Nachtwey revisits his rolls of film and shares unpublished photographs he snapped during that fateful day.

Fashion in Film Photography: Ilse Ruppert

Ilse Rupert, a freelance photographer who has captured the lifestyle fashion of the 80's with her camera. Read more after the break.

Lillian Bassman: Artist and Technician

Living legend Lillian Bassman is a fashion photographer considered not only as an artist, but as a technician.

Fashion in Film: Photos by Andy Bettles

Fashion photography today strives to achieve perfection with every shot, but perhaps one photographer's goal was to capture and create unique and visually stunning fashion images. Take a look at the fashion snapshots of Andy Bettles in film and be amazed.

Fashion in Film: Photos by Winona Barton-Ballentine

While fashion photography today remains dominated by digital convenience, a handful of photographers still prefer to work with film. Meet Winona Barton-Ballentine, a Brooklyn-based fashion photographer who prefers to capture style in analogue flavor.