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My 2011 in Analogue: The Year My Love for Sprockets Rocketed!

Sprocketed photos always shout to me (and others) that they're taken using 35mm film! Raw, undefined, and looks super great in almost all photos. Since the launch of Sprocket Rocket, I have never traveled without it! Landscapes, portraits, and moving vehicles are my best shots with the Sprocket Rocket. I do wedding shoots in sprockets too!

Yoshitomo Nara: The Complete Works

Japanese pop-artist Yoshitomo Nara recently released a book set containing all of his work. Can't get enough of his cute, spunky characters? This set will fill the lack of Yoshitomo Nara's artwork in your life. Read on...

My First Born Son: Iffat Altamis

I have an ongoing project dedicated for my very first born child.Special moment that every married couple waited. It feels good to be a daddy!

Meet the Lomography Singapore team!

Hi, we are the newly formed Lomography Singapore team. We would like you to know more about us, and vice versa. We are a small but cozy group of bandits and we would like to be your friends!

Fumiko Imano's Twin Photographs

How would you like to have an instant twin, your wacky moments together immortalized on a photograph? Let Japanese photographer and artist Fumiko Imano show you how.

Ribbon and Fabric Art: Ribbonesia

Japanese artist Baku Maeda has been working with paintbrushes and pens to create his art. Lately, he’s been working with ribbons and fabric to form different animals. Learn more about his one-of-a-kind art after the break.

Time Lapse Video of the Comet 'Lovejoy'

Also nicknamed 'The Great Christmas Comet of 2011', Astrophotographer Stéphane Guisard made this time lapse video of the comet 'Lovejoy' last December 2011 as it rises above the Andes mountains near Santiago de Chile. Video after the jump...

Iconic Photographs Recreated Using LEGO Pieces

Many of us are already familiar with some of the world's most iconic photographs. But, how do they look like when recreated using a different medium? Let's take a second look at these popular photographs interestingly rendered using LEGO pieces!

Luminescent Origami Jellyfish

Luminescent jellyfish can be found in dark and deep ocean waters. A recent display at the Vancouver Aquarium showcases the beauty of these creatures using origami. Learn more after the break.

Whilst We Wait in the Press

As we counted down the days to the much-awaited exhibit, Whilst We Wait and its founder, our very own Erin Emocling (basterda), were featured in some of the Philippines' leading newspapers and online publications. Read about Whilst We Wait in the press after the jump!

Whilst We Wait

Crime-Free Mugshots Rumble Winner Announcements

We hope that none of you broke any laws just to have mugshots taken. Anyway, here are the winners of our 'Crime-Free Mugshots Rumble!' More after the jump...

The Photography of Stanley Kubrick

Before he went on to create the cinema masterpieces that we know and love, a teenage Stanley Kubrick worked as a photojournalist, taking pictures of 1940's New York. Read more after the jump...

Homeroom: An Art Exhibition on Reinterpreting Childhood Art

"Homeroom" is an ongoing art exhibition that showcases the childhood work of 20 artists', re-imagined and re-executed using their current styles and mediums. Read more after the break...

Stop-Motion Music Video: Hudson – Against the Grain

Hudson is an emerging indie-folk musical artist. A stop-motion video was created for one of his songs. View the video and see how this clever video was made.

Creating Lightleaks

Lightleaks are accidents we always welcome. Too bad they don't happen often. You can actually "make" it happen but there are risks involved. You can end up exposing the entire roll or ruin picture perfect shots. So if you are willing to take that risk, this tip might help you.

Lomo y realidad

Mimicking the Masters: Ansel Adams

Noted photographer Ansel Adams was best known for his black and white photos, mostly taken in Yosemite National Park. Here are some tips that you can use to achieve images similar to that of Ansel Adams'.

Doubles to Get You Up in the Clouds

Double exposure shots with clouds as background has been my signature shot simply because I love shooting clouds and walking around the city. I love how cloud formations have such a nice contrast against the blue sky. Thanks to film photography and Lomo cameras, I now have a way of immortalizing this wonder of nature and at the same time, double exposing it against ordinary things I encounter.

My Departed Dad

My dad introduced me to photography when I was young in the best way possible: with a disposable camera. His advice was brief, warning me of covering the lens with a finger. I got a bit older and worked my way through a Canon AF-7 SureShot (which I still enjoy using) to his old Praktica MTL5, when I began a photography course at school.

Here and there...
kiss me with your cherry lisptick

Audrey Hepburn Takes Her Baby Deer to the Supermarket

This photo of Audrey Hepburn going shopping with a baby deer (fun fact: the pet's name is Ip, short for Pippin) was taken by Bob Willoughby, who met her shortly after she arrived in Hollywood in 1953 and continued to shoot her for over a decade.

Analogue Goodies Gleaming in Gold

Our analogue goodies and vintage finds are prized possessions to us as they are. However, certain luxurious versions, gleaming in gold, make them even more precious and eye-catching. Take a look at some notable gold versions of film camera models after the jump!

From Famous to Infamous: Frank Sinatra's Mug Shot

With Jane Fonda and Al Pacino featured in the previous installments of From Famous to Infamous, we now move on to another prominent Hollywood celebrity who made a name for himself as an actor and singer. We now present to you, the mug shot of the young Frank Sinatra.

Solid Gold Images

What are the '10 Golden Rules of Lomography' without golden cameras and images to snazz it up? Let's take a look at some zesty, golden photos with the help of our 'Browse by Color' feature.

By the Decade: 1950's Mugshots

Mugshots of criminals were taken as early as the 1870's. Its purpose is for the authorities to have a record of the offender so that victims can easily identify them. Typically, mugshots have two parts -- one front-view and one side-view of the person. This time, we'll take a look at mugshots from the 1950's.

Recap: Instameet and Lomography Talk Mix

Instagram-based enthusiasts met last October 15, 2011 in what we call an "instameet". There were many events lined-up for the gathering. The meet-up kicked-off with a short talk on Lomography which I gave. Many "instagrammers" or "igers" are interested in Lomography, thanks to the various lomo apps (for iPhones, iPods, and iPads) and filters that simulate the lomo-look.

Coffee Break

Appreciating Films: Rope (Featuring Alfred Hitchcock's Experimental Stunt)

Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 film, Rope, is considered by many to be his most experimental and innovative film. It is renowned for its ingenious editing techniques and use of real time which has led numerous people to believe that the film consists of one continuous shot.

Mugshots of Musicians Part 1

At some point in their lives, some of our favorite musicians got arrested for various reasons. Here are their analogue mugshots. Some of which were taken even before their rise to fame. Read more...

Portraits of Infamy: Al Capone's Mug Shots

In this installment, the spotlight is on Alphonse "Al" Capone, a notorious gangster and another prominent Alcatraz inmate. Surprisingly, the gang leader was arrested not for his mobster activities. Read on to find out what actually brought him to "The Rock!"

Patti Smith: Camera Solo Exhibition

Renowned poet and musician Patti Smith, started taking photographs as a hobby when she was a teenager. Last month, her first museum exhibit in the United States was launched. Read more after the break.

From Famous to Infamous: Al Pacino's Mug Shot

This installment of From Famous to Infamous features the mug shot of legendary actor Al Pacino, taken during his younger days. Learn more about the movie star's mug shot after the jump.

Alternative Uses of Film Canisters

I am sure that a lot of you have film canisters gathering dust in the corners of your rooms. Here are some things that you can put inside them so that we may extend their purpose.