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City trip in Paris
City trip in Paris

The Genius of Vivian Maier

The photography community over the past few weeks have been abuzz about a newly discovered stash of breathtaking street photographs from the '50s. If you haven't heard of her already, its my pleasure to introduce you to Vivian Maier.

Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo Opens This Friday, 12/17!

Lomography Gallery Store Tokyo will move to the Shibuya district - one of the most exciting city in Tokyo! Our Grand opening party start 17 December at 6pm. Join us!

My Analogue Life: Merry Christmas — To Me?

Everyone is good at something. Some people are naturally co-ordinated and to them, sports come easy. Others sing effortlessly, in tune every time. There are those who can draw almost anything. And then there are people like me who can’t draw, sing or walk six blocks in the snow without breaking my arm for a second time in two months. I do, however, excel at shopping and it’s that time of year when this particular talent is put to the test.

Meet our Holiday Amigo Zoe191!

For our special edition of Holiday LomoAmigos, we introduce you to zoe191. A Lomographer since 2003, Zoe shares a few tidbits about her Lomo-life as well as her plans for the Holidays!

Michael Pitt Shoots With a Diana?

One of Hollywood's fast rising stars, Michael Pitt, was recently photographed by world renowned director, screenwriter and photographer Gus Van Sant. And in one of the portraits, Michael is seen holding a Diana!

LomoPeople: Marie

All the previous LomoPeople articles have featured a portrait of a person's face. Well my sister wouldn't allow that, and I think the fact that you can't see her face in this picture more accurately portrays her than any headshot ever could.

Smokeshanne Ride 2010

My Analogue Life: Taking Lomography to the Masses

It happens with movies. It happens with fashion. It always happens with music. And now, it would seem, analogue photography is poised to take its place in mainstream popular culture. All of the indicators are there: the recent growth and expansion of the brand, the embrace of analogue among influential stylemakers and Hollywood hipsters, and the increased name recognition of cameras like the LC-A, Diana and Holga. (My Mum even pointed out a small item about a Holga as a holiday gift suggestion in a Canadian magazine that’s, well, rather Mumsy.)

LomoAmigo Neil Gaiman Interview Rumble

The master of the Dreaming, Neil Gaiman, is one of the most popular LomoAmigos to date and we're more than excited to announce that we're doing another interview with him! But we don't want to hog all the glory so we're giving you a chance to ask the critically acclaimed author what you want!

The New LC-A+ White Japan Edition

The iconic Lomo LC-A+ camera that you know and love now comes in white! The Lomo LC-A+ White Japan is a special limited edition camera inspired by a beautiful Japanese stone garden, and comes with a matching Lomo L-Case Bag that is only available in this bundle!

Alfred Hitchcock: El Hombre de Blanco y Negro

A pesar de la ausencia de los espectros de color y en medio de la repetición de quemaduras de cigarrillo, siempre hay algo maravillosamente extraño en las películas blanco y negro. Detrás de los rodillos sin fin y marcos en movimiento, sin embargo, siempre habrá cámaras de película obligado a inmortalizar las escenas no vistas en la toma. Echemos un vistazo a las fotos detrás de escena en blanco y negro de películas emocionantes, de Alfred Hitchcock.

UK Lomographic Lives no. 3: Johnccc

Introducing johnccc, one of the UK's busiest Lomographic community members!

My Analogue Life: Managing Media Overload

A funny thing happened a few years ago when I left my 15-year career as a journalist to write books and take pictures: I could think again. And I owe it all — or a whole lot of it anyway — to my lack of media exposure.

Lomography Caterpillar: Make Your Own at Home!

Well, maybe you saw - or were even lucky enough to take part in - the London LGS's mind-blowing Lomo Caterpillar event in October! Well, if you weren't able to be there in person, never fear! We're going to show you how to make your own personal caterpillar event!

Alfred Hitchcock: Der Mann in schwarz-weiß

Trotz dem fehlendem Farbspektrum und dem vielen Zigarettenqualm haben Schwarz-Weiß-Filme doch immer etwas sehr schönes an sich. Hinter den endlosen Filmspulen und bewegten Bildern gibt es am Film-Set auch immer Fotokameras, die den Entstehungsprozess hinter den Kameras festhalten. Pünktlich zu Halloween, können wir einen Blick auf die Schwarz-Weiß-Fotos von Alfred Hitchcocks Film-Sets werfen.

How an Englishman became Japanese

An englishman on shooting the Japanese way

Suzi Livingstone: My Analogue Portraits

I read a quote somewhere recently that said something like, if you want your photos to look like they’re film shots, then get a film camera.

My Analogue Life: Vintage Style Inspires

We each draw inspiration from different sources. For some, it’s a gorgeous view or pretty sunset; for others, it’s the people around them that feed their creativity; and for others yet, it’s a mood thing. For me, more often than not, it’s an object or a piece of clothing that triggers the idea for a photograph — or sometimes an entire series — and that certain something is almost always vintage.

The New Diana Mini En Rose - C'est Romantique!

Ooh la la! The sweetest Diana Mini clone has arrived - meet the Diana Mini En Rose! Adorable in its rosy pink colour, this little plastic sweetheart uses convenient 35mm film for wonderfully dreamy half-frame or square shots!

A LomoWall Competition - Win a Spinner 360 Winner Announcement

Lomography's revamped and reintroduced LomoWalls have been the toast of the town, making the community's heads spin with its endless possibilities! To reward our most creative LomoWall explorers, we're giving out a Spinner 360 and the announcement is here!

Recycle your 35mm Canisters to Make Home for 120 films!

Actually for a long time I didn’t know that 120 film sometimes comes with a canister, none of the films I had bought over the past 4 years had these. It’s quick and easy to do and helps the environment by re-using stuff instead of discarding it.

Underexposed Films are Gems. We Can Build a Mask Out of It.

The idea is simple, just like creating regular mask only out of our film. There is a good tipster in the past for building a mask. This has the same technique, just different medium.

We now have 20,000+ followers on Twitter!

We have surpassed the 20,000 followers mark on Twitter! As thanks, we'd like you to join this campaign!

Gothic Lolitas and Japanese Rockabillies.

Wandering around the Harajuku district is like finding oneself in a science fiction film. Its parks and streets are filled with Victorian dolls, anime characters, Danny Zuku impersonators and other similar freaks. You’re guaranteed a spectacle.

Analogue Love In Motion

After seeing the article, "Lomo In Motion", by j-robert in Analogue Lifestyle, I decided to share two of my student films from....7 years ago! Join me in my nostalgia with these projects that kick started my love for Lomography and everything analogue.

Stubborn Diana Mini Won't Wind? Don't Fight It!

The most common complaint when it comes to the Diana Mini is that it won't wind all the way to the next frame. Don't rage against this machine, go with the grain. Film grain, that is.

My Analogue Life: Raiding the Archives

It never ceases to astound me how much our eye changes. A photograph we may have considered one of our best three years ago may bring us close to a cringe today. Certain shots we may have thought were oh-so-original now seem cliché. But looking back through our previous work isn’t always embarrassing. In fact, a leisurely browse through your personal archives can often yield some surprising — and delightful — discoveries.

Alfred Hitchcock: 黑白驚慄電影之父 (Alfred Hitchcock: The Man in Black and White)

雖然沒有彩色光譜的襯托,在一支接一支香煙燃點起的時候,當中所渡過的時光,黑白電影總是如此地神秘又美麗,它就是如斯獨特。不斷在轉的投影機與底片的背後,總有一些底片相機負責把一些於製作過程中從沒發表過的畫面跟幕後花絮拍攝下來變成永恆的影像紀錄。就趁著萬聖節,讓我們窺看一下希治閣 (Alfred Hitchcock) 那些讓人心跳不止的黑白驚慄電影的幕後照片吧!

A Very Special Present: Capturing Belly's Growth

As soon I knew my wife was pregnant I thought I had to do something special for her... for them! A diamond ring? Nooo! Something more special. What about taking pictures? Could be nice. A video? Much better!

Special Edition Film Freak Tipster!

Hello and welcome to the Lomography Lab HQ! We'd like you to meet Dr. Lab, whose experience with film experiments will guarantee to cure all your lackluster analogue blues away. The good news is he's sharing 3 of his tried-and-tested film techniques that you can do at home!