My special Top Ten Lomographers


It’s very difficult to choose only 10 lomographers if your list have more of 500 friends! All inspire me,all amaze me, all have special pictures…but I have to mention …

My Top Ten!:


She is a little princess who takes awesome pictures. She inspires to me a lot of calm, elegance and beauty. I love her album named “Ballerina” and her little pets!.

Credits: aprilrich427


A lot of colours, a lot of magic moments, a lot of ideas! Waaaaaaaw, he has a lot of pictures!
Credits: adi_totp


So sweet,pretty and family pictures…

Credits: b0rn2b1ush


This attractive lomographer is looking for originality…and I see that he found it!

Credits: jennson


Love and Fantasy made real…

Credits: grazie


Why fafascinado? Because I love ery very much his portraits and self-portraits!

Credits: fafascinado


Just a word: ART

Credits: warning


Despite having few photos…what a photos my friend!!!!!

Credits: tomkiddo


The real life…sometimes so real that makes me laugh and I can’t stop! hahahahaha.His likes and comments make me happy at the end of the day.

Credits: rudemuinho


I can’t mention to all of them, because I’ll never stop! but you are always in my heart!!!!! and special kiss to my spanish friends!


written by barakalofi on 2011-10-08


  1. rudemuinho
    rudemuinho ·

    tenías que poner la barra de lomo.... jajajajaja

  2. barakalofi
    barakalofi ·

    @rudemuinho : es que la barra de lomo era fundamental para explicar the real life!!!! jajajaja

  3. grazie
    grazie ·

    Thanks a lot my beautiful friend! I'm deeply touched to be included in your list. "love and fantasy made real"..... that's the best compliment ever....happy weekend :)

  4. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    thanks for joining the rumble! :)

  5. b0rn2b1ush
    b0rn2b1ush ·

    what a wonderful surprise from a wonderful lady... thanks a lot for appreciating my photos! i'm sure my nephew (the subject of most of my photos) will also be pleased to know someone far away from where we are likes seeing the pictures we create. you're really such a sweetheart, @barakalofi! have a rockin' fun time this weekend... *besitos*

  6. warning
    warning ·

    jo nena, ¿de verdad?. Se me han puesto los pelos de punta.....

  7. barakalofi
    barakalofi ·

    @warning : claro neni, cuando baraka habla es pa decir verdades, hablar pa ná es tontería...envidio sanamente tus fotos! pero un montón!

  8. tomkiddo
    tomkiddo ·

    wow, can't believe you mentioned me in your top 10 list! thank you very much :) i'll shoot more!

  9. liquorice
    liquorice ·

    No había visto la foto de @rudemuinho hasta ahora... me he partido con la barra! jajaja

  10. rudemuinho
    rudemuinho ·

    @liquorice, para más inri, la playa donde fue sacada la foto se llama Barra.

  11. liquorice
    liquorice ·

    @rudemuinho, jajaja vaya tela!

  12. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·


  13. barakalofi
    barakalofi ·

    @adi_totp : :) !!!!!

  14. fafascinado
    fafascinado ·

    vaya!! muchísssimas gracias!!!!!! estoy super desconectado de lomography ultimamente pero no podía irme sin agradecerte de veras la mencion a mis fotos!!!!!! :D

  15. neurodiaz
    neurodiaz ·

    Excelente top 10 :D.