Problems, probs, probs...


Just back from Cape Verde. Fanstastic travel. I met there real nice people. I hope i’ll keep in touch with some of them.
I’m back in real world, it’s a bit hard. Away from "morabezza " and freedom from care.
Back home. It’s a bir tough.
I had lomographic disappointments there : my brand new horizon perfekt cut 5 of my 6 films : I only saved one film and I’m a bit sad about it : almost all my pics are gonr for ever.
I’ve promiised to send pics to Maria Da Luz Da cuz : they are gone for ever.

written by azurblue on 2011-02-06

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  1. adrienne-is
    adrienne-is ·

    So sorry to hear about your problems with the horizon perfekt while in cape verde. :( I know the feeling. I had some disappointing lomographic moments in Zanzibar last year, which is thousands of miles away from where I live... guess one day i'll have to go back. I've dreamed of going to cape verde as well.