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Perfectly Exposed, No Batteries Required

No exposure meter, no batteries, no problem; make perfectly exposed photos with this handy DIY exposure calculator.

The Tardis - Making the Dual Filmed Film Box Pinhole Camera!

With my last tutorial, I showed you how to turn an ordinary film box into a super wide angle camera. This time I decided to stack two 35mm film rolls into one camera, exposing them simultaneously resulting in an image split over two negatives! You like the sound of that? Of course you do!

Pinhole Passion: Endless Homemade Fun

Whenever I feel the urge to do some fun experimenting, I always find myself returning to pinhole cameras. There is just no limit to the crazy things you can do with pinholes!

Smena Siam

One body, two lenses never looking at the same direction. A camera designed by me to have more fun with mixed doubles.

Camera Mods: Make a Double Faced Camera

EBS (exposing both sides) is fun, but a bit of a hassle. Forget that hassle, and make a two faced camera out of some cheap cameras. But don't make the mistakes I made.

Beat Generation: The Photographs of Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg was an American poet and one of the leading figures of the “Beat Generation” alongside Willian S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, and a few others. While he is known for his writing, he also had a knack for taking pictures, as shown by the Grey Art Gallery in New York.

Derek Jarman's cottage
'Soviet' Submarine in the river Medway
All sorts on one
Pylon Perspectives
Pylon Perspectives

Pinholes & Sprockets - Making a Film Box Pinhole Camera!

Kodak? Fuji? Whatever film you use, save those empty film boxes my fellow lomographers and I'll show you how to can make your very own pinhole camera with them!

My Belair X 6-12 Light Painting Party

Last weekend while we were baking Christmas cookies with friends (it’s very common to do these baking sessions here in Austria!), we had fun doing some light paintings with the Belair X 6-12! Here’s how I shot the photos…

12/21/2012 is coming!
I and grandma went to her dacha
¡Lomomeeting with mafiosa!
¡Lomomeeting with mafiosa!