Holidays, Events and a muchness of processing.

I am now on the six week break that teachers call summer holiday, and I tell you, my sanity has been screaming for it for weeks. I feel like I have been really busy and that its almost not been like a summer term at all. What with all the rain, and it being unseasonably harassing at work, its all been a bit much. But it has been fun as well, I have had quite a few events to go to, which has been great in photographic terms, I have actually got to DO some photography of my own.

I have been Lomokino-ing it up at each event, and I think I am getting better at using it each time I take a film. The scanning can be a bit soul destroying, but other than that it fun to get the movies together and see how the end product looks. I still have a bit of a dust problem when scanning the lomokino footage, but on the whole I can live with it, its not like i’m going to submit it to the oscars or something anyway.

I have also been giving the Fuji 100/1000 slide film a go, mad mad film! its just amazing the colours you get out of it at different exposures. And colour me ecstatic when the lomo shop had the 120 T64 film in again, I just had to buy 10 rolls, I wanted more but 90 pounds seemed enough to spend in one sitting. It is my fave film though, just LOVE it.

There have been a few family events that I have taken my cameras too, and its amazing how interested people are by them, especially the spinner and the lomokino, they can’t imagine how they might work, hehe its so much fun. Thats why the rain has been doubly depressing recently, it has meant that I have had to leave most of my cameras at home sometimes, because it just wasn’t worth it. My BelleStar with her flash has been the most reliable in the very dull weather.

So, I have two lomokino films left to scan, its taking a while, but worth it. Then I just need to stick em in iMovie so I can actually make them into a movie, but thats fun, so no hardship there.

The other thing I did recently, non photographic related, but still amazing, was go to the theatre. The ADC in Cambridge is a small Theatre which does a lot of university, semi-pro and small productions. We went to see a production of Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. It was a great night of entertainment, I forget how much I like live events, I go to them so seldom, I really should make the effort to go more.

The only other thing photographically thats happened and is a bit saddening, is that I worked out that my Octomat is defective :( It does not wind on properly, at all, I have been trying to get a film though it since I got it last February, but what with one thing and another I have not had the time or occasion to test it properly until now. I’ll have to go to Lomo and buy another one, I really want to try the multishot style still. Maybe they can fix the one I have, I would prefer that, i’m oddly loyal to my possessions.

Anyways, better sign off now, rambled enough :D

written by asharnanae on 2012-07-22