La Sardina Belle Star :D

Just bought myself a La Sardina Belle Star, woots for the slot machine and piggies. Thankyou muchly Lomography :D

I have wanted to get a La Sardina for awhile, and I thought I may as well take advantage of the slot machine to get a really lovely one. I have seen some classic photos taken with this camera, and just had to try it out myself. That, and it comes with the fritz the blitz flash, which I can use on other cameras. So its all goo in the end. Now I just have to stop myself staring at the Mail Box, hoping Mr Posty brings me my spankin’ new camara…… claps hands like a demented fool YAY!

So if you do have any fave La Sardina shots, especially if there with the Belle Star, I would love to see them :) Also, do you have any top tips for me?

written by asharnanae on 2012-04-21