Art/photography Exam...... how to watch paint dry..... literally!

………. the gentle hum of wirling fans,tappy tap tap of keyboards and clickerty clicks of mice is heard………

Well, as work days go its not hard, just seemingly over long. I mean, i’m getting paid to sit and watch people, its not roocket science.

Im overseaing the Digital Photography room, so im not so much watching paint dry (like my counterparts in the 2D room) as watching computer screens slowly change. And generally you can get some work done on the side, whilst watching and listening, But i’m not in my usual room, so I am stuck with nothing but my laptop, and their is only so much digital admin etc. to do before you run out. Forgot to bring my sketch book, usuly do bring one, just in case…… ugh…. ramble ramble ramble. Need coffee, but can’t leave the room.

And it’s not even lunch time yet on day one……… “WANT TO BE TAKING PHOTOS IN THE SUN, (not that its even sunny) BUT STILL!”

written by asharnanae on 2012-04-19