St. Albans.... who'd of thunk it!


So yes, ostensibly I went to take photos, and take photos I did, and had lots a fun doing it. Used My DianaF+ and my Pentax K1000. Got some cool photos I hope too.

But the highlight of the day, Clarks Camera Centre! LOVE IT!!!!!!! Its full of all types of old zenits, pentax’s and other heretofore unheard of makes, ohhhhh there was a fab little british camera that came with loads of little lens’s all packed in a small brown leather suitcase! SQWEEEEEEE….

And the best bit for me, EXPIRED FILMS!!!! There was a tray of old, and some un-boxed films just sitting on the side, so went up and had a root though, and much to my delight it all expired around 1999 :D so I picked up around 4 films, no prices, so I thought i’d play it safe, and what does Mr Clarks shop owner say…. “Thats on sale, Oh, you do realise that’s all expired?……. (at this point I was telling myself, ’don’t be too keen, keep the big fat grin off your face’ and then he said the magic epic words …..”Its only a pound each"… Big fat grin escapes anyway ONLY A POUND! “well, in that case,” I say, “Ill just take a look for a few more.” HE HE HE HE! I ended up coming away with four B&W 120 films (Kodak Technical pan, Jessop R100 and Ilford XP2), two 35mm Slide films (Fuji Velvia 100, Kodak elitechrome 100) and four black and white 35mm films (Kodak Tmax, 2x JessopPan 100, Ilford SFX200) well happy :D

While I was there I also got another lens cap for my pentax, as I have put mine away at work somewhere and can’t find the little bugger anywhere! Got an original Asahi Pentax one for 2 pounds :D

so yeah, a good day.

written by asharnanae on 2012-04-03

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  1. sprofishgel
    sprofishgel ·

    Man, i had that luck on a shop with films in my hometown. I have to go back there again and finish all that package of 120 film slide =D It´s the thing that gives me the most anxious feelings... finding expired slide films ! Ieiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii =D