Self Processing, Colovir and the first lomokino film.

Been a good couple of weeks lomographically speaking. It has been nice to have sunny weather too, the blossom on all the trees had gone into a mad display of riotous colour :) I have an apricot tree right outside my window, its so very beautiful.

Anyway…. I have now processed 10 films in all using the C-41 process. And you know, it’s really not as difficult as I thought it would be. Both 120 and 35mm, CN/Slide and expired films, all seem to come out really well. Its also a quick process, as each chemical, only needs to be on the film for 2min. The best bit is that the chemicals and film need to be kept at 45 degrees, and the hot water from the tap at work comes out at just that very temperature! So useful.

I have also been using the Colorvir toners and dye’s again with the students at work. I love that process so much, I have produced a tipster for it, should be up in about a weeks time. Its a shame that the chemicals are so hard to find now, I’m glad I got a big box when I could. Experimenting with each bath seeing what it does to the print can be magical.

The other thing I need to get around to doing is scanning my Lomokino Movie into the computer…. Oye Vey….. I need to get my head around batch scanning…. otherwise I could be sat at my computer for quite a while. The film itself was from my trip to London, Shot around the Tower of London. I am saving for a new scanner as well at the moment, I was an epson V700 or better, and I need a new copy of photoshop, but I can get an educational copy, so thats not too bad in expense terms.

I took my first Black and white Infrared film last weekend too. Its’s kinda worked, but there isn’t that much verdant vegetation, so the glowing whites I wanted are not very apparent. The sky could also do with being darker, but there was a lot of thin hazy cloud in the sky. It looks like I need to wait for the summer, and get myself a good tripod or at least borrow one, as my lil’ gorrila pod just can’t cope with the weight of my Pentax SLR.

I now get two weeks off, in two days time. Easter break! YAY! I plan on doing lots of lomo shoots, a couple of film swaps and I also have a wedding to attend, have to work out which cameras to take. :) Hope the weather holds good.

written by asharnanae on 2012-03-28