London baby! and the weekend blues.

Friday started off well, as my mum and I had booked a whole day in london to do some of the main tourist sights. We traveled by train to London, the got the tube to the London Eye, after which we got a river cruse up to the tower of london, had lunch, went to the tower, then got the tube to St Pauls Cathedral, then got the train home again. It was a tiring day, but it was a lot of fun.

I took my spinner360, lomokino, dianaF+ and octomat. But it was SOOOOOO cloudy and dull I left the spinner and octomat in my bag, as they both had 200 film in. I took a tungsten film and a colour 800 in the diana of the whole day, but I made a mistake with the lomokino and loaded the film wrong, so I had no footage of the london eye or the river boat, :( My own fault for breaking my golden rule of checking the film loads properly, I was just over excited. But I did get lomokino footage of the tower, hopefully it will come out with something.

So now I just have to process the films, which would have gone more quickly, but my computer decided to have an epic fit when I got back on friday. I have just spent the entire weekend doing multiple erases and reinstalls of everything…… caused by a possible corruption, in a software update, which we think caused a cascading permissions fault which couldn’t be repaired, and because it took time to rear its head, it had got into my time machine backups as well! UGH! so we had to do some wrangling of files in order to get back the best part of a terabyte of data. I was very nearly crying/screaming at one point…. I am very attached to my computer, as I use if for everything work or entertainment related, bar craft/artwork and taking lomographs! I kid you not, I don’t watch normal telly, and all my music is stored there. Yes…. I am a bit weird, but hey….. it not like i’m a bunny boiler or anything, just a wee bit too attached to my computer.

Anyway, I’ll have the all the London photos processed this week, and post em up when I can. til them, happy trails and lomo on :)

written by asharnanae on 2012-03-18