Waiting, waiting, waiting.........

So, just got back from Amsterdam a few days ago, where I went on a short trip with 19 students and two other teachers, Amsterdam was the destination of our art departments trip this year. So now my first wait if for films. The trip itself was great, and I would recommend Amsterdam as a destination for anyone wanting a good city holiday, so much to do there. We also saw people skating on the frozen canals, which doesn’t happen often, so we were lucky.

Added to my first wait is that of my second wait, I haven’t finished two of the films, so I need to go out a do that, but the weather is so crappy that I wouldn’t get good shots, but sunday is my hope, as we are meant to have sun! So I have planed a trip to the botanic gardens.

My third wait is something I also picked up in Amsterdam, a LomoKino! WooWoo, so now I just have to plan a good subject for my first cinematic extravaganza. Could wait for the next Family Birthday, or I could do one of my trip to the gardens….. Kinda want something special though.

My last and worst wait is for my beloved computer ( I am at this time using my brothers) , as it has managed to stop working in a most spectacular fashion…. The hard disc decided to die. So, I have had to buy a new one, took the time to buy more Ram as well, seeing as I’m gonna be opening up the guts of it and poking around anyway. So hopefully my poorly iMac will be well again soon. Its lucky that I bought a backup disc a short while ago, so I haven’t lost anything at all….. almost as if I had a premonition! But no, I can’t claim to be computer psychic, I installed a new system and had to back up everything for the transfer. Since which time I have used Time Machine, so its not that much of a hassle really, it could be a lot worse. I can also take the time to give it a good clean and dust, which lord knows it needs.

Well, I shall just have to put up with the waiting…. for now.

written by asharnanae on 2012-02-18