OMG!!!!! I'm in love with Tungsten film and my diana mini :D

well, I have had a bad run of films recently, underexposed, wrongly exposed or blurry, just due to my own experimenting or pushing both film and camera beyond its limits. I was beginning to think I may have forgotten how to take a photograph. But ahhhh, it all came back to me with this film :)

크레딧: asharnanae

I used the Tungsten 64 film for the first time, and used my Diana Mini in half frame mode, as it was mostly sunny at the end of my lomowalk/course in London, and the second half taken on a super sunny early morning. And don’t I just LOVE how the colours and the grainy blacks have come out! The strange Cyan/green shift to some of them is just way cool :D, as is the deep red/purple look.

written by asharnanae on 2012-02-09