Snow, 15 year old film and some freakish blend of english 80's pop and american county music...

So. Its Snowing.

“Big Flakes, Not a lot” is a saying that has been handed down in our family. I forgot to ask what the saying was, if like now, it just happened to be snowing endlessly in tiny crunchy flakes. Maybe the opposite? Or do some form of middle sized blue ferrets drop from the sky and sing ‘The Lumberjack Song’. Im leaning towards the first…. though I’d love to be able to get a picture of the second…. But i’m guessing thats unlikely.

My dad got his old camera bag out this evening, he’s not touched it for over 10 or 12 years, as my getting back into all things film related has inspired him to get out his old Zenit SLR. Bizarrely enough he also found eight rolls of exposed, but undeveloped film, one unused one in the camera itself and another role which has a note wrapped around it saying that it had “10 shots at start, wind on 12 or so”. Guess what Im gonna put in my camera tomorrow!? Yep, that right, random expired film, YAY :D What will I get? Maybe some doubles with my then late teenaged self? or possibly other members of my family….. or a landscape from a far off memory? Who Knows! But it will be fun finding out :) Im gonna get the other films processed this week, so we shall see what we shall see, if we see anything at all after all this time.

And now on to the most random thing. Well, ok, maybe not quite as random as that, but I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around it anyway…..

Erasure’s – Blue Savanna Song, sung in a nashvillesque country music style….. by the original band…. On paper it shouldn’t work….. it seems silly, like some frankenstein combination. But, I just can’t stop listening to it! Its so upbeat, it makes me want to get up and dance some oddly cowboy like line dance, it makes me smile and sing along. And you want to know the even weirder, and more scary combo….. I am reading the ‘Watchmen’ graphic novel……. Rorschach, Rorschach and this music together…. it boggles the mind.

ahhh well, sanity, as they say, is overrated.

written by asharnanae on 2012-02-04