First of the new year.

Yes….. its been quite some time, almost a month since my last blog, Time kind of ran away with me, also I was away for a week over new years. Anyways, thought i’d drop a few lines on the digital page just to clear my head if nothing else.

What with the competition and all, lots of people have been choosing there shots of the year and such. I need more time on that front… I want to get a full year under my belt, build up more photographs, more experimentation. Besides which, my favourite really depends on my mood, and the time of year, things like that for me are very transitory and shift constantly. While I will always love the ones I truly think are good, they tend to be a group rather than a solo.

Just submitted a new tipster on the bookbinding front, perfect binding, so that should be up in a few days, I also have a B&W film to process tomorrow, not sure what I’ll get off it, as it was more new years shenanigans, and I was very drunk at the time….. Hell for all i remember I could have been holding the camera backwards! But I digress…..

Going back to work has been odd, but good. A long break in between times always seems to take time to work yourself into the routines of things again, that and we have just started our new exam project. They have had some particularly uninspired titled for the last few years. This year is “Ordinary And/Or Extraordinary”. They make them so open ended that I find it had to catch my spirit from them, I remember one of mine from A-levels was “cracks and fissures” which was just great.

Lastly, I am looking forward to going up to London at the end of the month to do a one day course at the Lomostore, :D should be epic fun. Might just have to take all my cameras!

anywho…. thats all for now. :)

written by asharnanae on 2012-01-15