End of the week...

I was looking at my account today and because my bookbinding article was put up yesterday I had received piggies. What I didn’t realise was I had received 30! Wow, cool :) But, I suppose it was a long tipster, so you must get more if you do something big, not sure, but it was a nice surprise :)

I have 3 films waiting to be processed and picked up tomorrow from snappy snaps in town. A 120 slide film which will be xpro, and two colour neg 35mm films which will be my first films using the 35mm back for my diana :D The are both square sprocket hole arranged. The only random factor was that one of the colour films was reused from an old pinhole camera, so it may have some double exposures or light leaks all over the shop.

The photographs are on three themes. Christmas lights – as I want to enter the Ellie Goulding comp, I took loads of close up shots of all my recently put up decorations and lights, that was the first 35mm – a Colour 800. Next I took some on a colour 200 (the odd film) and this was of fruits. I was doing basic studio photography with my year 10’s, and I bought in the fruit for them to photograph, amongst other things. Lastly I took pictures of my biscuit making efforts, this was on the 120 slide film. Can’t wait to see if they are delicious as the biscuits! so hopefully Ill have some cool photos to upload tomorrow.

And that nicely seg’s me into my penultimate item of the week, the biscuit making itself. I made a modified shortbread biscuit recipe. I added muscovado sugar, crushed flaked almonds, ground ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, and iced the tops too. I also used my pretty snowflake cutters to make them look christmasy. I love Baking and cooking in general, mostly because I love food, and the eating of food, and the taste of food, and FOOD! Food is good. Did I mention I like food?! And better still, you get to drink wine with it! YAY!

And lastly, yes, I have been christmas shopping, as it was the last day of term, and I only had to work for 50mins in the morning. :D Got all the presents for my family done and dusted, just gotta wrap them now, will do a mammoth wrap tonight. Thats another of my loves, wrapping presents, oh the pretties! Got a few bits for myself too, a new set of matching gloves/snood/headband-earwarmer thing and hat, and a new jumper. I also went the whole hog and bought myself some sushi for lunch. MMMMMM….. just LOVE sushi!

So yeah…. a good week all in all.

written by asharnanae on 2011-12-16