Of bookbinding, photos and last days at work.

I have 5 days of work left, including today, and there not even full days. Nice :) One of the good things about being a teacher, you get long holidays. And they have even managed to end the term on a friday this year, not a tuesday or some other such nonsense.

I am planning on taking some photos of my christmas light now that they are up, gonna go for some sprockety goodness with my diana and the 35mm back. Still got the outside lights to do, but they’ll be done by tuesday. If I get some good ones I’m gonna enter them for the Lights compertition. I am also going to be doing a studio shoot of foods tomorow, I am teaching basic studio photogrpahy to my year 10 students, so I may as well use the time to take some pictures of my own, as a demonstration, ‘Cough’ yes, demo, totally, ‘Cough Cough’ :D

On the bookbinding front, the photocollage comp made me think of other crafty things that could be relevant to people here. And I was looking for an album to put my best shots in, but the quatro album was sold out. But It struck me, I’m and Art teacher! I can make my own. And then I thought, well if im going to be making one, someone else might want to do the same thing, and so my tipser idea was born. But there are a lot of different types of bindings that can be used, so I thought I would do a tipster serise which focuses on different types of bindings and their pro’s and cons, and a how to guide.

So yeah… thats me. Can’t wait for friday….. and freedom!

written by asharnanae on 2011-12-12