Malta and beyond

I have only 7 shots left to upload from my time in Malta, I just need to scan them in. I don’t know what went wrong with the first scans I did, but the Lab bit of the site wasn’t having any of em… so I scrapped them and Im gonna re scan them tonight. It’s a shame that more of the palazzo didn’t turn out, but it was such low lighting, and I was a bit more than tipsy at the time (note to self, judging exposures whist partially sloshed is not a good idea…)

Anyway. It feels odd not to have taken any photos in over a week, But its mock exam time at school so I have had to help my year 11 students after school most days. Added to that, I have been visiting my Nan in hospital, as she fell down and broke her hip, so there has not been very much time to shoot. Which is a shame, because we have been having some lovely foggy mornings, I wish I could take a day of work and just walk around taking photos.

so…. when my next photos will be taken i’m not sure, probably in december some time…… man… thats slightly depressing, but thats life I do suppose, can’t have sugar all the time. At least its something to look forward to :)

written by asharnanae on 2011-11-21