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Those of you guys who are following my lomographic Italian holiday trip documentation already know that I had a great time in Italy - first with my "new" friends in Osimo, then alone, then with my "old" friends in Florence. But in these days I keep on thinking of what I experienced emotionally in Assisi. Most of you will have heard about "San Francesco d'Assisi" who founded the fraternity of the Franciscans. This guy was not too bad at all, he preached the renunciation of all secular values and lived the poor way like Jesus did - who actually was kind of a paradigm for him. Certainly a noble and last but not least important "sign" in a period of growing estrangement and decadence and violation of political and clerical power. My deepest respect for this guy. And now look at this photo taken in the enormous cathedral of "Santa Maria Degli Angeli". This picture is actually just a little example that I could photograph in a place where it is absolutely forbidden to take photos - and full of guardians. "The Catholic Christian Church" built a bunch of pretentious, rich, BIIIG churches, cathedrals and cloisters filled with gold and jewellery and purpure and frescos and sumptuous windows and precious minerals - behind fences made of spears and pointed blades... all in San Francesco's honour...... I won't go on writing because I know this is not the place to discuss these things. Just try to imagine what really pisses me off... I wanted to show you my divalent point of view of these magic places where several hundreds of people lost their lives on the building sites - which is another point of view - and unfortunately almost forgotten in our consciousness.


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    did you see the "la Porziuncola" inside the Santa Maria degli Angeli church? is the original poor construction where S. Francesco lived, What a difference!

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    Very beautiful forbidden photo!

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    @superlighter Of course I saw this wonderful tiny little chapel, full of magic and charm, where he actually didn't live, he lived in San Damiano, but it's the place where it all began, and where he wanted to die, what didn't really worked out because he died on his way down from the village to "la Porziuncola" - which now is deprived of its dignity by being placed in the middle of this "gigantastic" exhibition hall (that btw has been finished in 1930!) called Basilica Santa Maria Degli Angeli. Imagine how it must have been once upon a time: lost in the middle of a forest of durmast oaks... guarda, mi viene da piangere!

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    che vuoi che ti dica? siamo la forma vivente più assurda che cammina su questo pianeta. siamo capaci di volare nello spazio ed affoghiamo in un bicchiere d'acqua, deleghiamo a quattro pazzi le sorti delle nostre vite, ci sono persone che hanno illuminato il nostro cammino su questo pianeta nei secoli, che cosa ne abbiamo fatto? abbiamo seppellito le loro parole sotto tonnellate di marmi e stucchi dorati. Un mondo parallelo, ecco che cos'è la chiesa, un mondo parallelo che nulla ha a che fare con la vita reale e men che meno con la vita spirituale. dai, non piangere!

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    @superlighter BELLE PAROLE! Complimenti! You got it!!

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    wow! Wunderschön!