...where I got arrested.

This is the famous New Court in Arezzo/Tuscany. I was taking some photos of the unique facade when a guardian - a carabiniere - walked up to me signalizing that I was not allowed to take pictures and he asked me to cancel the photos already taken... hahaaa... very funny. When I asked him WHY I am not allowed to take photos that effectivly don't show more than everybody can see on google street view he said. "Well... this is a very sensitive object... and I don't really know you... it might be that you are... I mean... ARE YOU A TERRORIST?" (what a funny guy!) I answered: "Nope!" and he said: "Okay, than you can go, but please don't take more photos." I mean... WTF?!??... So my reaction was: "Wait - that was a little too simple, don't you think?" - "...ehh what?" - "What if I lied?" - "Eeeehhhmmm.... [I could see and hear his brain working, like a steam engine]... you wait here, I'll be back in a second!" He left me outside ALONE and came back after 5 minutes with a colleague. They arrested me with my arms turned behind my back, then they interrogated me for half an hour. That was sooo entertaining!!! :-) Second time I got arrested - this time without ending up in jail :-D (The first time was in Mexico, but that is a very long story...) At the end we became friends, we had lunch together and they showed me the entire building and asked me (as an architect) advices concerning a severe problem of humidity they have with their building... :-D