Flying High & Freezing The Moment: My Best Photo of 2011


I took this shot last November during our trip to Samal, a small island-province in Davao del Norte. Going to the island wasn’t planned at all. We were a bit hesitant at first to pursue the trip due erratic weather condition. It was drizzling on that day, but we still took the chance and hopped on a ro-ro bus from Davao City that goes straight to Samal.

And I’m so glad we did. Luckily, the sun cooperated.

Credits: antibiotyx

There are many reasons why it’s my favorite and best photo of 2011.

This shot captures Lomo Rule #5 (Be Fast!) very much. It’s pure magic! It’s amazing how one swift click on the shutter can freeze a moment like that FOREVER. A photo can really go beyond simple documentation and can evoke a sense or emotion of that moment in an instant.

There are many layers to it and possible interpretations are endless. What’s the before and after? Was the fat guy diving? Or flying? Did he hit water or soar straight to the skies? Did his impact cause a tidal wave? Of course, I’m being far-fetched here. What happens next is for your imagination.

I like this photo so much and it’s even more gratifying to know that others like it too. Thank you so much for making it my most popular photo of 2011. I appreciate all the lomo love!

Happy 2012, everyone! The coming year is going to be awesome!

written by antibiotyx on 2012-01-01


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    You're welcome! And funny indeed that we had 202 likes on our jumping shot and best/favorite of the year!!! :)))

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    congrats on POTD :).

  4. cameratalk
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    Ha What an Awesome Photo! Great shot!