• Come on! Let’s Do the Color Process!

    written by pepper-b on 2011-02-02 in #gear #tipster
    Come on! Let’s Do the Color Process!

    Since I got into analogue photography, I´ve only developed one roll in the lab: they took one day to develop and scan it, and then I found out they hadn’t scanned the sprocket holes… I really needed a scanner and knowledge on processing/developing!!

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    More details on the Nikonos V here:

  • Who is this impostor?

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    So i thought i'd try to be all clever, and create a magnificent light trail / portrait. I carefully positioned myself in the centre of the frame. Using the bulb option on my diana i turned off the lights in my room, and clicked! I grabbed my torch from off the table (with bue and yellow filters covering the bulb) and made circling patterns around what i estimated was the outside of my frame. I unclicked and my photo was done! Going well i thought, until CLICK!! The strap around my neck got caught on the handle of my draw! It wrapped around the shutter release button and flashed right in my face!! When i got the prints back i had forgotten about this and wondered for weeks WHO IS THAT HORRID UGLY PERSON ON THE LEFT? Why was Quasimodo in my picture? Didn't he have a bell to ring? My brother maybe?! A ghost in my room???.... eeeeek! How would i find out who that was? The mole on the looked very familiar...who has one there? I mean; I have one very similar!? And then it dawned on me. Oh right, that would me then! Maybe the person to my left wasn't so bad after all :-) Hahaha not the best picture of me but funny nevertheless.