Love Never Fails to See


This is going to be long, oh yes that’s how openings should be
But only because a story worth your time can be read here for free
This is a story about a Holga named Frank and how our days have gone
And how he stood by me even if inside him – film he has none

Why even bother buying a camera if the film you can’t afford
I said it took my breath away and never again will I be bored
Frank was new and black and plastic
I never knew that soon will come days that are tragic

I didn’t have a job and that meant my adventures with Frank had to stop
Oh how it felt to just fall out of nowhere when before we were always at the top
It pains me to see that inside him he feels empty
And that I could not even do the one thing that would make him happy

Months went by and I forgot about how Frank was so patient with me
He saw how down I was and he let me be
Frank believed that someday I’d realize his happiness is nothing compare to mine
Oh each day he wished I would smile and just turn out fine

One morning I sat upon my favorite desk and noticed something dusty, plastic and black
I reached out and saw Frank all the way at the back
A tear rolled down from my eye as I smiled and said

I’m sorry that I failed to see
that it was you Frank who was there for me
And now that I remember how you stayed when I was alone
I love how you’ve always loved me – and how with you, I am forever home.


Credits: anikalovesyou

written by anikalovesyou on 2011-02-13