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DearPhotograph: Photographs Are Like Memories

What you see is never quite what was actually there. Colors and contracts are false, light leaks erase parts of the scene. With time, photos - just like memories - can fade completely.

Pictures Inside My Head

What will happen when silhouette meets multi-exposure?

My beoved Diana went to Paris...

The Sprocket Rocket Rocks!

I bought my Sprocket Rocket in November, right after its launch. It was love at the first photo. The youngest member of the Lomo family is, for sure, one of the best cameras ever launched by this brand. On a sunny day, it’s simply unbeatable.

How I Let Loose with Lomography

Truth be told, I have always been the kind of person to keep count of everything. You know, the OCD type. Always making sure everything is in proper order, making sure I keep track of the money I’m spending, saving it, and contemplating that I don’t waste it in things that aren’t necessary. This all changed in February 2010, the day I met Lomography.

The analogue future belongs to the children

The Creative Diarist: Emulsion Transfer Tipster

Do you have tons of Lomographs and a boring home? Are you looking for alternative ways to print? Helen from top blog The Creative Diarist shares her tips on how to print onto ceramic, wood, teacups, your wall....

Double Your Pleasure: Multiple Exposures with Color and Shadow

A lot of people like multiples but are never satisfied with the output enough to shoot them more consistently. I want to talk about how double exposures work and what you can look for.

Quickie Tipster: Shake it!

Get kinetic photos shooting twice.

Putting the Strip on the Strips

What to do with those film leads or film strips from rolls that didn't turn out well (aka screwed up)? Grab some short strips of film and place them in all sorts of places. Take photos of them ... bearing in mind that this will be the first exposure. I used an old SLR and set the exposure compensation to -1.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Light-write the perfect rainbow when writing with light! You might be thinking it's something of a feat for you to have, but all you need is a little bit of your imagination and it'll be as easy peasy as lemon squeezy!

Number Your Frames with a Double!

Ever thought of numbering your frames from 1 to 36? Why not run the roll of film through once and a second time looking for "numbers" to tag your pictures!

Process Your Film at Home

I love shooting photos, but hate having to wait for my film to be processed and the cost of getting it processed. There is an easy way to process your own film at home.

Get More out of Your Diana Mini!

With this tipster you'll get more than 50 square pictures on one single film!

Time to Craft - Bring Your Lomo Wall Every Day!

Being a Lomographer, you may always have a camera with you, maybe a notebook as well. A tiny notebook can record your sudden fantastic idea, jot down the contact of new friends, and hold the instant photos you just shot! If you’d like to buy one, how about make one by yourself? Let’s make a unique “Lomo Wall Notebook”!

The Nature Rumble

The future is analogue! No matter how advanced we become, we will always need the gifts that mother nature gives us so we have to cherish it! Here's a rumble in honor of everything nature!

Hong Meowwww

The Most Popular Photos of Our Most Popular Women

To celebrate International Women's Day we've compiled a list of the most popular female users on our site and their most popular photos.

Filmswap - Doubles for Sharing

How to achieve accurate filmswaps, to share a roll with any lomofriend.

Café con encanto en Bologna
5ive - Evening by the River (Bulb mode)