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  • Going Under (Svalbard #11)

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    It might have been the hardest photographic conditions ever in the polar station of Ny Ålesund. Because of the polar night in November, there was only glimpses of light around noon, Other than that only darkness and the lights of the buildings in the worlds northermost settlement. I was taking my free saturday to walk around and to take shots. As i was limited to only little weight on my trip, I had to decide which cameras i can take. For panoramics I decided for the XPAN and the very wide wide wide 30mm lens. Because I knew I had to expose the hell out of the frame, with swing lenses you just have a limit on exposure times. For the landscape picture I might have exposed the picture up to 4 minutes. But it was cold and windy and did I mention cold? So I had set the distance, the frame and aperture in darkness. I used a gorillapod with a release cable and because of the low level and the darkness I had to assume and guess the distance to the objects. I was a game of trial and error. I learned a lot. I am grateful!

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  • Gallecs

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    Gallecs is a secret escape just 20 minutes from Barcelona. It is a small protected natural area, and the funny thing about its location is that it is sorrounded by the most huge industrial areas and highways in the big Barcelona region. I love the rendition of Kodak Portra 400 with the LC-A 120. I overexposed the film on purpose by selecting ISO 200 in the camera and finnaly I got the colours I was looking for. I took 10 photos with the LC-A 120, and here I share all of them

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  • love is all around

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    น้อง AirRinn เราพบกันครั้งแรกที่งาน meeting ชมรมถ่ายรูป SPC ผมแอบถ่ายรูปน้องมาสองรูป และนี้เป็นรูปแรกบนแผ่นฟิล์มที่ทำให้ผมได้รับรางวัล แน่นอนนางแบบของผมก็ดีใจสุดๆเช่นกัน #lomoloveairlab

  • Long Exposure

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  • The New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens

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    Shot an #agfa #precisa CT 100 with my #Bessa R2M and the #newjupiter3 from lomography. Love that #combination of cam, lens and #crossed film. Stoked about sharp and nice results. :)

  • Vanilla

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  • love is all around

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    เมื่อคู่ของเราอยากจะมีงานพรีเว็ดดิ้งในแบบที่ไม่เหมือนใคร .. #lomoloveairlab

  • The fence along the creek

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    Not an outstanding shot but guys, look at the colors delivered by the cracking EKTAR

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  • Frosty trees

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    Look at the beautiful white branches

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  • Alice 3D

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    Alice en 3D

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    During my stay in Maccagno, I was fascinated by the view from the house we rented: from the hill, there was this stunning panorama of the lake, oriented full south, so that I could watch the sunrise coming from behind the mountains on the left and the sunset when the light disappeared behind the mountains on the right. I really became obsessed with this view, shooting it a lot of times at various moments of the day, mainly morning and end of the day. Here's a little selection of some of these views, hope you enjoy it and understand my compulsive obsession to shoot this panoramic view...

  • Marken Island

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    A beautiful little island near Amsterdam

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    I'm pleased with the result of the test camera!!!

  • 夏色の肖像 -summer portrait

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    From filmswap project with my favorite photographer Kennichi. I shot sunflowers in Gifu with LC-A+ first, then sent the film to him and he shot a portrait with his SLR camera at sunset beach in Chiba. His lomohome:

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  • Alex

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    Mamiya 645 Super - Kodak Tri-X pushed +1

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    shot at f/4 and 1/45 #blackandwhite #bw #b&w #Xpan #streetphotography #filmisnotdead

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  • Purple Harbour

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    Me and the Lomo Purple is not a love affair, yet. But the first film I tried was a stunner. The mighty @vicuna came to visit me and the Harbour of hamburg and snapped a little.

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  • The better shots from my first roll with the Lomo…

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    #lomolca #35mm #lomography

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  • Venetian Adventures Part 2: Canals and the Fog.

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    In the winter Venice was covered in a layer of fog, subduing its colours to gentleness and adding a charming mystery to its beauty. The quiet scenes of its winding canals brought forward poised stillness, as if the city was straightening its posture and taking a deep breath, before softly singing a delicate aria in honour of its waters' beauty.

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    leise rieselt der Schnee