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Photography as Emotion: andredimu

*Once upon a time... and so... one day... how did you discover photography?* My first camera was the Olympus Trip Junior as a gift when I was about 10-12 years old, today I'm still jealously of it as well as the photos shooted with. I spent whole afternoons watching old photos taken by my parents when they were young until my childhood... color or b/w photos in many different size! Photos that tell their story and even mine. I think passion for photography started then when I tryed to understand why a photo was taken. What did they want to fix in time? A memory, an emotion, a landscape, an anniversary or what? Why did they chose that pose, place or time? Then I understood. Simply because those moments, faces and places seemed fine for them. For me photography means just this: look around and discover the beauty.

Mettiti in mostra- Workshop Superstar Competition Winner Announcement

Avete partecipato al Workshop Superstar Competition? Bene, allora diamo un' occhiata ai nomi dei vincitori

A Taste Exhibition: I vostri scatti alla Triennale di Milano

Ieri 26 Giugno, A Taste Exhibition, ha aperto i battenti. Volete sapere come è stato? Continuate a leggere...

Lomography in the Media: LomoKino in Elle A Seoul Magazine

An article about LomoKino was published in the March issue of Elle A Seoul Magazine. In the Korean edition of the famous fashion and lifestyle magazine, some lomographer-directors have seen published some images of their analogue masterpieces.

Macro or Close-Up Lomography with DIY Lens

This is a no-cost way to get into macro photography. You only need a string, little tape, used up glasses, and a tripod. If you like to make surprising experiments with your analog darling, you've got to try it out!

Cloud9 con la Pop9: Esperimenti con le lenti

La Pop9 è una piccola grande fotocamera in grado di riprodurre su di un singolo fotogramma 35mm, nove immagini identiche sullo stesso negativo e, come afferma Lomography, l' ambiente intorno si trasforma in una fantastica esplosione stile mosaico in pura pop-art! Ma cosa succede se volessimo sperimentare qualcosa di diverso? Continuate a leggere questo articolo che tratta di come modificare le lenti per regalarti il doppio del divertimento!

Cloud 9 with the Pop9: Experimenting with the Lens

The Pop 9 is a great little camera which produces 9 identical images on one 35mm frame, and, as Lomography says, instantaneously transforms the environment around you into explosions of pattern-repeating pop-art! But what happens if you would like to experiment with it a bit more to give you different results? Keep reading this tipster for a lens modification, giving you twice the fun!

Celebrate Milan's Design Week with us

It's that time of the year again! And Lomography Gallery Store Milan will be boiling with a series of free workshops that will magically make one thing out of the design world and analogue photography.

Spring Festivities: Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (VCBF) is an annual spring festival held in Vancouver, British Columbia to celebrate the beauty of Vancouver’s cherry trees. Inspired by the age old Sakura festivals of Japan, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival uplifts spirits in the city, while the ephemeral nature of the blossoms remind us all to make time to celebrate life. Celebrating through dance this Spring, April 5-28, 2012.

Expired Colour Film: Like Fine Wine, Gets Better with Age

Like fine wine film, in my opinion, is better the older it is (well to a point). All film has an expiration date printed on to the box, like food it states when it's "best" before, but expired colour film brings about unexpected results, colour casts, crazy colour shifts, colour saturation and colour desaturation.

The Analogue Reader: Paris Versus New York

This book showcases a friendly visual match between the two cities, as seen by a Parisian based in New York, with all the details, cliches and contradictions. In this way, Muratyan Vahram, a creative designer in Paris, presents his blog and the series of images in which we can find such tight thematic comparisons between the two cities. Muratyan is able to capture with a few lines and colors, the essential characteristics of places, objects, fashions and attitudes.

LomoKino MoviesカラースプラッシュLomoKinoムービーを制作する方法


A Great Tool For Cropping Your LomoKino Scans – kinocut by pink-fu

Soon after the LomoKino was released, we published a Tipster on how to turn your LomoKino scans into a movie the Lomography way. We also published an article asking people in the community to help develop and improve upon this software. Pink-fu rose to the challenge and produced kinocut; it’s a really easy and user-friendly way to turn your scans into movies – Read on for a blog entry pink-fu has written on his creation!

First Night in Paris Through Indonesian Eyes

These happened when I was in Paris: been forced out from a hostel, lost in translation, went to a Chinatown that was not so Chinese, witnessed people peeing on the sidewalk, and sleeping on a boat in the middle of a tour through the river. In spite all of that, everything was great overall because I spent my trip with my best friends and the city was amazingly beautiful.

Una frenetica passeggiata fotografica a Parigi e le 10 regole d’oro di Lomography

Avendo a disposizione un solo pomeriggio da trascorrere a Parigi, mi sono avventurato in una passeggiata fotografica scattando tutto ciò che vedevo come un pazzo. Sono rimasto sorpreso di quello che sono riuscito a catturare sulla pellicola!

Vintage Dog Photography Exhibit Closing Soon

If you're a dog lover but haven't been to this paw-some Kennel Club exhibit in London, better check it out before it closes!

L'abito negativo

Un abito che si ammirare in tutto il suo splendore se il tuo corpo risplende di luce propria.

Canister Christmas Lights

Do you have a lot of plastic canisters lying around in your house? If you do, here is something that you can do to brighten up your home this holiday season!

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Flash Rumble

He's making a list and checking it twice. Have you been naughty or nice this year? The Christmas Flash Rumble for today is dedicated to the jolly old man in red!

Trucco veloce: Mascherina floreale con un negativo

Questo trucco è stato ispirato da un altro trucco, “Double Film in a Camera”. Comunque ho deciso di cambiare qualche passaggio per farlo mio.

How to Create 3D Images

Experimenting is what makes us lomographers so unique. No matter you are a lomographer who loves to experiment or a lomographer who takes sharp and boring photographs, you will love to try this out. You will surely get great photos out of this tipster!

Lomography Italia sta cercando un nuovo Junior Online Manager, vorresti essere tu?

Da Lomography Italia si è liberato un posto come Junior Online Manager. Sei di Milano e ti piacerebbe far parte della nostra stramba famiglia? Leggi qui di seguito e scopri come candidarti!

Knockout Shots That'll Pack a Punch!

Try out this quick and easy tipster that would spice up your photos with colour and contrast, making it even more unpredictable than before! Juxstapose two images in a unique way by double exposing your film with two completely different images!

Lomography Loves Language!

Language learners - how great are dual language books? Did you ever think of the Lomography Magazine as a similar language learning resource? Well, all translations are direct translations of the original article and it would be perfect to lay them side by side to practice!

Best of the Best: Francesca Woodman

"Things looked funny because my pictures depend on an emotional state... I know this is true and I thought about this for a long time. Somehow it made me feel very, very good." – Francesca Woodman

New Magazine Series: The Analogue Reader

Here in Lomography, we are all lovers of all things analogue, in various aspects and varying degrees. If you're one of those who prefer reading the analogue way, you'll surely enjoy this new series that will kick-off very soon! Allow us to give you a preview, so you'll have something to look forward to!

Shooting Lightning

Shooting lightning is quite hard to achieve. This is because of the fast speed of light. Here are a few tips that I can share to you when you want to try your hand at shooting lighting.

Clever Collages by Eduardo Recife, Touched by the Hands of Time

Eduardo Recife is an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and typographer from Brazil. He is creator of Misprinted Type, a website featuring his personal works, collages, drawings, and typefaces. His work is characterized for its old era style. Eduardo reuses worn out objects, faded photos, and misplaced and broken stuff.

Classic Photographer as a Modern Lomographer

Eadweard Muybridge was an English photographer known for his pioneering work to capture motion. He devised an automatic camera system that would take pictures in a rapid series – the precedent to later motion picture technology. Using his system, Muybridge produced an extensive library of human and animal motion studies.