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Share and Share Alike for a Chance to Win Big!

Want to win more than 500 Euro worth of Lomography products? Share this competition and you might just be the lucky one! So here's the deal, we want to make a competition, but we want at least 3000 people to know about it. Come on, Lomography has 441,278 likes and 33,427 are talking about us on Facebook. We can reach 3000 shares in no time!

Misty Red
Misty Red
Cross Railway
Cross Railway
flower town
bare tree in bloom

Lx Factory in Lisbon: From Fabric to Dreams

Born in 2008, in place of an old fabric factory (and many other things along the years), Lx Factory just breathes creativity. In this small place there are restaurants, little shops, nice coffee houses, model agencies, dancing and acting studios and so much more! It even has the best place in Lisbon to develop film especially if you have a Lomo camera...and art is everywhere!

Dobles con peropero

Day and Night LomoWall Rumble

Analogue magic from sunrise to sundown; that’s how we roll. Don’t you? For this rumble we’re asking you to build a LomoWall which reflects the duality of day and night. Get building!

DIY Fashion: Feather Earings

“What’s old is new again”. Yup, that’s an old saying and way back in the 70’s feather earrings were all the rage and DIY blogger, Crystal Donnely, made them by the bunch. If you want to make a pair - it’s simple and easy and you can whip up a bunch in no time. These would make a great project for a teenage sleepover.

Ready for Redscale: Make Your Redscales Look Their Best!

Newbies and veterans of the Lomography community, redscale film is perfect for you! The trick is knowing how to utilize your redscale film to produce the ultimate look. From special locations, to lighting, create an powerful red image that speaks from a true Lomograph heart!

Tipster of the Week

For every lomographer who has been looking for tips to make their analogue life easier and more fun, the Magazine has lots of tipsters to use as reference. The past week's featured tipster may be useful to you if you have a Sprocket Rocket, so if you're curious, read on to find out what it's all about!

Fleeting Summer Flings

Days are getting shorter, swimming possibilities fewer and far between, sadly, summer is almost over in the northern hemisphere. But, we're not ready to let it go just yet. You shouldn't either! Want to participate in a bit of end of summer reminiscence? Post your shots for a chance to win a La Sardina DIY!

I'm Not Yet Tired

I don't want to insist, but the destruction is addictive. If you want to know how I destroyed a reel almost completely, continue reading.

A Splitzer for the Sprocket Rocket? It's Provided by Lomography!

It's a small interesting piece, that gives you spectacular results, shame that is only available for the Diana F+ and the LC-A cameras. In fact, you can create one in no time and without having to search everywhere for suitable materials for it. Because it's provided by Lomography! Here's how...

Now you can have Straps in your Sprocket Rocket!

Have you ever wanted to put a strap on your Sprocket Rocket and find out there's no right place to put it? I tried to place a strap at the bottom of the Sprocket (in the eye that screws into the tripod) but that just didn't work for me as the camera would hang upside down and that's not cool. So I came up with this idea to put elastics around the body of the Sprocket and then clip the 2 sides of the strap there. Simple.

Lomography Beginner's Guide: Newcomers' Dictionary

What is ‘vignetting’ and what does it have to do with the LC-A+? What does it mean to ‘cross-process’ a film? What’s the difference between a ‘pinhole’ and a ‘panoramic’ camera? One of the first things you’ll notice when browsing the Lomography site for the first time is that there are some pretty crazy terms thrown around. Don’t worry, you’ll find definitions for all kinds of photographic words on this page!

Want to learn about cross-processing? Read our guide!

New to Lomography and analogue photography? Check out our new webpage www.crossprocessing.info for a simple and fun guide to one of our favorite techniques, cross-processing!

Passionate Pinholes with Justin Quinnell

It isn't everyday that we, get to talk to one of the modern masters of Pinhole photography Justin Quinnell. Pinholes can seem intimidating but Justin breaks this misconception and explains how he got started taking 6 month long exposures and tells us how to do as well in the "Six Month Long Pinhole Exposures Tipster"!