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Christmas light doubles

The Lomography Hipshot Showdown: I Once Traveled

We travel and meet different people and experience various cultures. It's a way of life, it's a blessing! It's something we all Lomographers love to do!

LomoGuru of the Week: Paper_doll

Lomography has been a part of her life not only during the good times but also during the bad times. She does not only capture happy moments in film but also makes sure that she is able to shoot the bittersweet ones, too.

My Analogue Days: Photo Journalling

Question: How do I incorporate analogue in my life aside from shooting film? Answer: Photo Journalling.

New Year's Eve party, Lightpainting and crazy portraits

Clever Mixed Media Art by Shintaro Ohata

It's a given that mixed media art can and will make heads turn, but this particular collection of artworks by Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata will keep you staring in amazement. Read on to find out why!

Tipster: How to Take Symmetrical Images with Exposing Both Sides of the Film (EBS)

Today I will be introducing the technique so called EBS, exposing both sides of the film, one of the most unique techniques within Lomographic photos. Is it hard to do it? Maybe! But once you get good luck and concentration, you might get amazing results!

Comic: Film vs Digital Photography

Let’s be honest, everybody has their own stereotype of one another. This also applies to the photography world where analogue enthusiasts have this certain impression towards digital lovers, and vice versa.

Plans for 2013: #project52

I was thinking about a nice easy photo project that I could do throughout 2013, one which would fit into my everyday life, and get me using ALL my lovely cameras. Then, I came up with #project52. Read on after the jump to see if you fancy giving it a go with me.

Sensia Poetry
Baby - by uber
The most awful pictures ever.
The most awful pictures ever.
The most awful pictures ever.
The most awful pictures ever.
The most awful pictures ever.
The most awful pictures ever.
José Saramago
José e Pilar
Lisbon Xmas Lights 2012
Lisbon Xmas Lights 2012
Lisbon Xmas Lights 2012

A Small Trick that will Give you Wonderful Surprises. Here Comes the Christmas Magic

Select the shape you want, cut out and the Christmas lights from your city will transform by magic arts.

Unwind and Forget the Grind Rumble

Let’s enjoying life more, let’s go on a hike, look at art or relax at a spa! If you'd rather sleep than take in some fresh air, worry not, that’s analogue too. Just submit a picture of it here for a chance to wind some wonderful Piggies!

Loved Ones Rumble

It's not St. Valentine's Day yet, but any time is a good time to cherish those close to you and show the world how special your loved ones are! Submit your Lomographs to this Rumble and get ready to win!

Birds in your stomach
Mt Tomah Botanic Garden