I fell in love with this lady, and then i fell in love with analogue.

크레딧: amirulshahrom

4 years ago, i thought that everybody could take photograph and that’s why i’ve sold my camera and find another hobby that excites me. Until recently, my girlfriend showed me a Holga 135BC. At first, i did not know the capabilities of Holga and i thought that it would be a waste of time and money to spend on the films and developing. However, after developing the first roll, i fell in love with the plastic lens, the outcome were amazing and since that i fell in love with photography and to be more specific, i fell in love with lomo photograph.

크레딧: amirulshahrom

Now i collect lomo and vintage cameras, i have Holga 135BC, Diana F+ CMYK edition, Pop 9, Holga CFN 120 and Lomo Smena 8m. Every weekend, we will find a wonderful places to take a picture and every sunday is our “Develop Film” day.

크레딧: amirulshahrom

written by amirulshahrom on 2010-11-23


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