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Spotted: Lomo LC-A+ on the Animated Movie 'K-ON'

Interested to know what K-ON is all about? It's about 5 girls in a school band and their adventures together during Christmastime. The all-girls band in this animated flick uses analogue cameras, too! Read more after the break!

My Konstruktor - A New Look

Inspired by creative artists who do customized works, I decided to give my Konstruktor a new look. Being able to give a personal touch to such a creative tool was a fun and rewarding project!

Lomopedia: BeLomo Vilia

A simple yet elegant viewfinder camera, the BelOMO was made as a workhorse for everyday use during the Soviet Era. Find out more about this popular all-manual plastic camera in this installment of Lomopedia!

Monday Moodboard: Drooling Over Customized Wood Camera Skins

Camera envy is not enough, no sir. These already gorgeous analogue snappers get a full makeover with camera skins made entirely out of wood.

Winter EBS

Packing Tips for the Analogue Traveler

Now that you've decided to plan your next adventure, you are probably thinking how you can pack all your favorite films, cameras, and accessories. I come to the rescue with some rather basic packing tips that could be helpful, whether you're a novice or pro analogue traveler!

Tips for Analogue Travelers

Are you presently planning any trips, whether a quick adventure or a long-term journey? Is that a yes? Well, I thought of whipping up a tipster for all you fellow analogue travelers out there. Read on and see if you find them useful!

Bebopbebop and His Weapon of Choice: Lomo LC-Wide

Bebopbebop got his Weapon of Choice a few minutes before heading to Shanghai for a vacation. It might have given him a hard time at first but now it's his best buddy! Let's find out more about bebopbebop and his Weapon of Choice!

Lomo Experiments: Bluescale Your Old Kodachrome 64 Stash!

Kodachrome is one of those golden films from a not too distant past that has died a sudden death. Not only because the film was taken out of production, but even more so because it can no longer be developed. Or can it? Read on to find out how you can easily get some seriously funky bluescale pics out of your forgotten Kodachrome 64 stash.


Lomopedia: Smena 8M

A well-known model from the Smena line of inexpensive Russian cameras, the Smena 8M remains a popular option for those who are getting started with lomography. Find out more about this no-frills fantastic plastic snapper in this installment of Lomopedia!

Impossible to Possible: Taking a Picture with the Konstruktor Transparent

Our product, the Konstruktor Transparent Edition, is purely for display purposes and not for photographic use. Its unique see-through body makes it impossible for anybody to take pictures. However, a Japanese creator named Naga-san used some tricks to make taking photos possible! How did he do it!? Read on to discover what kind of tricks he used.

Let's Have Fun with Rat's Eye View Shot!

Have you ever tried taking pictures by placing the camera on the floor? This is called the "Rat's Eye View Shot" and you can actually take long exposure shots at night without using tripods! Isn't that awesome? It's quite popular as well. Try this technique and enjoy the world of low angle.


Agfa CT Precisa - One of My Favorite Film to Cross Process

It's been quite some time since I used the Agfa CT Precisa to cross process and the results convince me time and time again.

Just Repaint Your La Sardina!

Because I won a La Sardina Telefonbuch edition and had no DIY version of the camera, this La Sardina had to suffer my crafting and tinkering wrath.

Win a £200 Gift Card to MOO.com

Been dying to get your hands on some jazzy new business cards or personalized stationery? This rumble with MOO is a can't-miss!

DIY Pencil Holder Using Medium Format Spools

Looking for new ways to repurpose your unused medium format film spools? Why don't you try making a pen holder for your desk at the office?

Faking Your Portrait's Background

Want a picturesque background for your portrait but you're stuck at home? All you need is a fast lens and a nice printer!

The Ultimate Colors of Agfa CT Precisa

Let me introduce you to one of my most favorite slide films in this world: the Agfa CT Precisa.

Conveniently Attach Color Filters to Your LC-Wide

There are many ways to attach your color filter to the camera. Today I want to show you my way. Especially for my LC-Wide since I have only a few mounting options. Also, I searched for a better solution than Tesa film. Velcro was my choice!

Making the El Bokeh Wall

Love bokeh on your photos? Check out this quick and dirty Tipster on how to add more specular highlights to your bokeh photos!

DIY : Jeans LC-A Case

Create your very own Lomo LC-A case from denim! This is very easy to do and adds a nice touch to your camera's look. See how I did it after the cut.