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i almost forgot how to have fun with lomo
i almost forgot how to have fun with lomo
the spirit fading to clouds (indonesia #4)

Presenting the Lomo LC-A-to-Z

Here at Lomography, we don’t only deliver the fantastic goodies, but we also try to provide you with the wisdom you’ll need on your lomo adventures. We gave you the 10 Golden Rules, didn’t we, and it has bestowed you with a cred and attitude hat lomographers are admired for. In celebration of the Lomo-LC-A’s 30th Anniversary, we are proud to present the Lomo LC-A-to-Z, brought to you by Professor Lomo van Graphy. Watch and learn!

Taman Sasi Underground Mosque (Indonesia #5)
as usual, hanging out in a cafe like normal teens do

Favorite Lomo LC-A Snaps from Long Ago

When a group of Viennese students stumbled upon the Lomo LC-A a couple of decades back, they were astounded with the images the small enigmatic Russian camera could create. The photos were bathed in saturated hues and cloaked in lovely vignettes – unlike anything they had ever seen.

Summer with Your Shutter: Shoot Against the Sun

Don't be scared to shoot against the sun.

a lazy saturday on my backyard

Fresh from the Lab: LC-A+ RL and the Fuji Velvia 100

This is my latest album of photos taken with the LC-A+ RL loaded with Fuji Velvia 100.

The Velvia 100

The LC-A Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Believe it or not, the Lomo LC-A is turning 30 years old this June. That’s right, fellow Lomographers, it’s been three decades since the camera that started it all came into existence, and we think such a momentous occasion deserves a month-long celebration.

Do Some Sprocket Shooting with Your Diana F+ Using a Makeshift Pen Cap Spacer

Use this simple and easy trick to use 35mm film on your Diana F+ and at the same time do some sprocket hole photography!

4 Fotomarathon Dresden

Show Lomography and GAMAGO how you're renovating this spring Winners Announcement

How have you rolled into spring with Lomography and GAMAGO?

Self film swapping Lady Carps

The long lost Horizon relative

Horizon Kompakt? Hoziron Perfekt? What about the slightly older decedent the Horizon 202? Read on to find out more about this overlooked gem.

Lola 120 Pan: A partly-homemade 6x12 Folding Beauty

Here is a guide to building your own 6x12 camera by combining a Lola camera body and a Holga 120 WPC back. Find out how to make these two gorgeous ladies work together for a whole lot of analogue fun.

Those Stunning Silhouettes

There are certain types of photographs that we lomographers just can't get enough of no matter how much we've already taken them. The silhouette is one of them, and the staggering number of such photographs that can be found in the alone community is a strong proof of its popularity.

Round and Round We Go - Turn Your Spins into Circles

In just a few easy steps, you can convert your Spinner 360 photos into circles.

Using a 20mm lens to take pictures from the top

While waiting for the new Lomography gem, the wonderful Russar+ lens, I took some photos at a fun fair with my wonderful Mir 20/3.5 super wide angle lens from the big panoramic wheel. Here I'll tell you some tips about the use of this kind of lens. Read more after the jump!

The Lomography Hipshot Showdown: World Pinhole Day Parade Winners Announcement

We have prepared a special parade to highlight the best pinhole photographs in our Community!

The Lomography Hipshot Showdown: Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

It's her special day so why don't you go and shower her with some extra Lomo-love!

Blue Sky...

The Lomography Hipshot Showdown: World Pinhole Day Parade

Who's excited for World Pinhole Day? We all are and that's why we are giving you this rumble!

Classic × Classic : Using a Leica M3 camera to shoot with the New Petzval Art lens

I participated in the Kickstarter campaign and purchased my very own new Petzval lens. I can't wait to use with with my digital camera to experience its wonderful bokeh effect. I also wanted to try its effects when using a film camera but the lens has an EF mount. I didn't have a Canon camera. See what I did with it after the jump.

Lomo Tip: Use your LC-A packaging as a transport box for your Belair lenses

Do you have a Belair X 6-12 and don't know how to carry the interchangeable lenses and viewfinder safely? If you have an original LC-A (or at least its packaging), that's no problem.