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Happenings on Film: Watching the Concert of White Shoes & The Couples Company

Presenting the coolest indie band in Indonesia, White Shoes & The Couples Company!

Here I am Vol.1

Crisp Fresh Shots Taken with the Petzval Art Lens

Get your dose of tack sharp images, swirling backgrounds and remarkable bokeh from this bunch of Petzval shots from the community!

2 in 1
Fun Fair in August at the river Main in Frankfurt
Wishing upon stars
Holga Conversion - 35mm film
Nice meeting in Brighton
Nice meeting in Brighton

Outdoor Instants Taken with the LC-A+ Instant Camera

Have a stroll under the sunny sky and take note of all the things you'll see with a nifty instant camera. Here's a gallery post of LC-A instants taken by our awesome community members!

Side Effects: A Roll of Dirty Dishes

Looking to manipulate your film to get different analogue effects? Check out this tipster to see another cool and easy way to do it!

In Focus: Lubitel 166+

Peer into the waist-level viewfinder of the Lomo Lubitel 166+ and get hooked with its undeniable analogue charm.

Awesome Accidental Light Leaks on Lomography X-Pro Chrome Film

Get wonderful color shifts, knockout saturation and more analogue effects with Lomography X-Pro Chrome film!

Make Your Very Own Waterproof Lens Case!

Looking to protect your precious lenses during trips or shoots while in transit? Then create your own lens case!


Newcomer of the Week: pablochmid

He created quite a big buzz when he bagged the most coveted prize in one of our grandest analogue competitions this year. Let's dive deeper into the mind of the The Search for Analogue Stars Competition: Portraits gold prize winner, Pablo Lenard Schmid, simply known in the Community as pablochmid!

Make a Splitzer for Your Belair X 6-12 Camera

Do you have a penchant for double exposures? Well if you do, then you better read these simple tips to achieve a Splitzer effect with our Belair!

St Kilda beach

Sand, Sun, and Sea Rumble

Let's go and have some fun at the beach!

Victory Monument

Give Your Camera a Pretty Wooden Look!

Learn how to make your camera really stand out. Give it a quick makeover with some contact paper!

Make Your Very Own DIY Waterproof Camera Case!

Still keeping a look out for an affordable waterproof case that can take a beating? Well, if your neck’s a bit sore from all the looking then why not make one yourself? Check out how to do it with this quick tipster!

Sprocket Rocket + Kodak Gold (expired)

Photo of the Day by artlens

Take a quick glimpse on the lives of these hardworking fishermen as they prepare for another day's catch. Congratulations artlens for winning our Photo of the Day!

Make Your Own DIY String Tripod!

Keeping your shots leveled and steady can be risky business. Luckily, we found a way to do all that with just a length of string and good old fashioned elbow grease and ingenuity!

Doll Up Your Transparent Coffee Table with Used Film Cartridges

If you're like me who has a film lab at home, you'll know the feeling of having too much film rolls lying around the house. Instead of throwing them out, you can use them to decorate the way I fill our transparent coffee table with them!

The Search for Analogue Stars Competition: Portraits Winners Announcement

In line with this year's Film Photography Day celebration, we went on a tough yet exciting search for the best analogue portraits. Our mission's over and now it's time to uncover the fantastic photographs we've found!

The Horizon Perfekt: A Camera for Perfect Panoramas

For a lover of panoramic photos, the Horizon Perfekt is one of the most sought after cameras in the market. Through the revolving glass lens, it makes pictures that are sharp right into the corners at an extra wide panorama format. The distortion that can occur gives its pictures a special appearance.

Newcomer of the Week: iam_srs

This week's Newcomer is a journalism student who likes skateboarding and anything that involves cheese. Let's take a look at the fascinating analogue world of Sigmund Steiger, aka iam_srs, our Newcomer of the Week!

Film Battle: Kodak EIR vs. LomoChrome Purple - A Short Comparison

I made a short comparison between the "legendary" Kodak EIR Infrared film and the new LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400. Both pictures were made with the same camera-objective-combi: A Canon AE-1 Program with a 24mm wide-angle lens.

The Great LC-A and LC-A+ Masters

What do you get when you give a legendary camera to a Lomography master?


Goonies and his Weapon of Choice: Lomo LC-Wide

He cannot stand a day without using his Lomo LC-Wide and his ongoing yearlong self-portrait project is a testament of his strong devotion to this wide-eyed snapper. Read on to know more about Mario Grieco, or aka goonies in our Community, and his Weapon of Choice, the Lomo LC-Wide!