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Redscale Technique: The Principle of Light Penetrability

I do not know if this is a unique idea; if it is, then I am taking my claim to immortality. Introducing, the "Principle of Light Penetrability" by Rene M. Nob.

Modifying your LC-A+ to Achieve ISO12

If you prefer to overexpose your ISO400 redscale film by five full stops in your LC-A+, you would want to override your camera's ISO setting to 12. But how? I have got the tipster for you!

Click Guide for Diana Mini (53 Photos From a 36 Exposure Roll)

An easy add-on to your Diana Mini to monitor your clicks, and get 53 square frame photos from your typical 36 exposure 135 film. Check it out!

Budapest Lomowall is Looking for You!

Lomography Embassy Store Budapest is moving to a new store, and guess what, we need a brand new Lomowall!

Make a 'Quadrachrome' Filter for Your Diana F+ Out of Unused Flash Gels

Do you have a bunch of Diana F+ flash gels sitting around unused? Well, here's an easy tip on how to turn them into rainbow gold...and start capturing the world in glorious quadrachrome!

DIY: Analogue Invitations Made with Film Canisters

Are you hosting a special event and want to surprise your friends? What a better way to invite them than with an original DIY invitation! - very analogue and full of color. Read on and get all the details...

An Awesome Automatic Analogue Bookmark

It looks like one of those hyper simplistic, curvy 'M' shaped drawings of birds. Adequately, it's named "Albatros". But we don't suppose you'd have ever thought of stuffing something named after one of the largest birds in between the pages of your latest crime novel. What a true horror that'd be! Check out what functional, scaled down invention is turning heads, and pages, after the jump!

Counting Sheep
Snorkeling at Playa de los Muertos
Do androids dream of InfraRed sheep?
Do androids dream of InfraRed sheep?
2011 - 365 Photo Project
Golden Hour of Photography

The Lomography Safari Hunt

It’s time to journey into the wilds of the Lomography website - We’ve hidden voucher codes and want you to find them! There are codes for discounts in the Online Shop and some for free cameras, too! Travel through the pages of the Magazine and Photos section and you might find a sweet safari surprise!

The Theory and Psychology of Framing Your Image

Today, we’re taking a look at the theory and psychology behind the size, framing, and visual weight of different elements in your photographic composition. You’d be surprised how much there is to learn about this choice, and the impact your decision can have!


Maco TS Eagle 400 AQS: A Graphic Novel

This must be one of the craziest monochromatic emulsions I came across with. Not only the title is a promise of an adventure, but the pictures are as well. In most black and white films that I have used, objects in the distance become darker. With the Eagle, the darkness flies away. In fact, it's the other way around. The further the object is away from the lens, the brighter it is.

Sprocket Holes: 135 Film in a 120 Roll

There are many ways of shooting with 135 in a 120 camera to sensitize the sprocket holes. This is an option in wich you can use the paper protection roll of 120 films.

lungo fiume Arno

The Diana+ Lens Cap Security Cord

In the past they say to you "get rid of that lens cap", but today I say "lens cap protect your baby Diana lens". To keep this important piece of your camera you can try this tip!

Recycling Spools and Canisters

Always ask for your lab to give you back the film spools and canisters after developing. Just ask them to give it back to you afterwards.

I Know What You Did Last Summer Rumble Winners Announcement

That was awesome! Thanks to all you creative Lomographers who shared your last summer experiences, Croatia’s biggest, sunniest and first permanent LomoWall was put up in Zagreb, part of the 3rd FLAF event!

Colorful Double Exposure Using Color Papers

No flowers? No blue skies during winter season? No problem! In this tipster, you can come up with colorful photos by using colored paper!

Bookbinding: How to Make a 'Post Bound' Photo Album

In the first chapter of this album making tipster series I will show you how to create your own professional looking ‘post bound’ photographic album, into which you can put your lomographs so they can look their very best.

Lomography Redscale XR 50-200 (35mm)

Here's a redscale film that gives a retro feel: the Lomography Redscale XR 50-200. Using a Canonet 28, I set the ISO to 50 and got the results that I was hoping for.

Shooting Bokehs With Your Lomo LC-A+

Christmas is a good opportunity to take some bokehs, since there are plenty of lights to take pictures of. Here is a simple way to generate gorgeous light bokehs, using your Lomo LC-A+.

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Shooting Long Exposures With Your LC-A+

Long exposures is an old trick that one sees often. The results always have this "wow" effect and the first question that always pops in your head is “how long was this exposure?” The LC-A+ (also applies to the LC-A) has the edge for low-light photography because of it's light metering. But in this case, one has to "deceive" the light meter.