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Monday 12:00 CET to Tuesday 12:00 CET – Build 5 LomoWalls which represent your love for analogue – Reward: 5 Piggies

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Tuesday 12:00 CET to Wednesday 12:00 CET – Write a blog entry about why you love analogue photography – Reward: 5 Piggies

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Wednesday 12:00 CET to Thursday 12:00 CET – Upload 50 Photos - Reward: 5 Piggies

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Thursday 12:00 CET to Sunday 21:00 CET – Who do you think will win the huge climax to the football fiesta in Brazil? Take a lucky strike and make your guess in our magazine article - Reward: 10 Piggies

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  • steampunk
    • steampunk
    • from Australia
    • I'm a uni student studying Law and Science at Queensland University of Technology. Photography (especially Lomography), my sax and my guitar help me sleep at night. My Kit: *Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ…
  • bluemouse
    • bluemouse
    • female from Australia
    • Still a lomo newbie, 2 rolls of film. Diana Mini Rose <3 And the golden week fisheye (almost finished my first roll) and diana f+
  • kane
    • kane
    • male (32) from Melbourne, Australia
    • I Enjoy : Music, Art, Art Books, Drawing, Tattooing, Tattoos, Vintage Bikes, Tea, Red Wine, Expired Film, Vintage Cameras, Photography, Photography Books, Old Horror Movies, Vintage Second Hand Store…
  • sharontenebres
  • littlequeue
    • littlequeue
    • from Melbourne, Australia
    • I have a blog and an obssession with cameras and chocolate not particularly in that order. I have a Diana F+, Diana Mini, Superheadz to name a couple. I love analogue because you never know what you w…
  • renee_leah
    • renee_leah
    • female (25) from Melbourne, Australia
    • can we? shall we? one day very soon. let us go away together. just you and me. can we? shall we? call in sick one day and travel to the sea and hold hands all day. can we? shall we? eat our sandwiche…
  • drcinema
    • drcinema is available for meet-ups
    • from Australia
    • Film guy, and happy snapper from Sydney. Purely a hobbyist.
  • prho11
  • eden-milne1
  • carmela
    • carmela
    • female (24) from Sydney, Australia
    • I enjoy Sarcasm. My favourite book is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I am an amateur at this lomo thing, but heck it's fun! -- CATHERINE♥HEATHCLIFF -- "My great miseries in this world have b…
  • jayjayne
    • jayjayne
    • female (27) from Brisbane, Australia
    • Jayne is a 22 year-old scientist. She revels in applying sarcasm, adjectives and commas at every given moment. She enjoys laughing like a complete moron at nothing in particular and has a wholly inapp…
  • tabithapr
  • percyowl
    • percyowl
    • from Brisbane, Australia
    • Collecting cameras and learning how to used them. I won my first digital camera at 14 and later bought my first film camera (a Superheadz Golden Half) at 21. Camera collection: Superheadz Golden Half…
  • vivianong
  • sebyoung
    • sebyoung is available for film swaps and meet-ups
    • male (20) from Bendigo, Australia
    • 18 year old male from Australia! Film and analogue is my life!
  • maramoo
  • raygalea
    • raygalea is available for meet-ups
    • male from Sydney, Australia
    • Photography is integral to my consciousness - an obsession in the magic of creating pictures. But this medium is not a matter of film or digital; it is purely a choice. I still treasure my Rolleiflex…
  • thekrunkymonkey
  • jodiekittyrobot
    • jodiekittyrobot is available for film swaps and meet-ups
    • female (32) from Newcastle, Australia
    • Hi, I'm Jodie! A crazy cat lady from Newcastle, Australia. Apart from lomography I love tattoos, the beach, vintage cuteness, bikes, and collecting cute things. I shoot with:
  • s2zart
    • s2zart is available for meet-ups
    • male from Australia
    • seer of pictures; maker of art
  • jdphotographic
  • achi
  • yourheartsdesire
    • yourheartsdesire is available for film swaps and meet-ups
    • from Brisbane, Australia
    • Musician. Librarian. Lover of literature, collage art and photography. @heartsdesire_
  • lomoseb32
    • lomoseb32 is available for film swaps and meet-ups
    • male (20) from Bendigo, Australia
    • A 20 year old passionate lomographer with a huge collection of cameras and films!
  • freddiebonfa
    • freddiebonfa is available for film swaps and meet-ups
    • male from Sydney, Australia
    • firm believer and supporter of analog photography. Dig Russian cameras and all my photos here were taken with my old pal Lubitel2
  • crookedlens
    • crookedlens is available for film swaps and meet-ups
    • male (28) from Sydney, Australia
    • Im a professional photographer based in Sydney Australia, i love to shoot everyday with the 1D mk 4 however the process of shooting film has taught me patience and value, i have a massive variety of f…
  • freehands
    • freehands is available for film swaps and meet-ups
    • male (22) from Newcastle, Australia
    • Hey my names Lincoln, yew. Discovered lomography a while ago now, only just made an account however. Mainly shoot photos with friends at events, but I also enjoy shooting my urban landscape. You s…
  • deano
    • deano
    • male from Murphys Creek, Australia
    • Male nurse, born in Sydney but now living in Queensland, Australia. Have been interested in photography for over thirty years. Also love to travel.
  • kim90
    • kim90
    • female (23) from Melbourne, Australia
    • twenty year old architecture student living in melbourne. bought my first lomography camera 6 months ago. never stopped clicking since then
  • teahbaker